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The Ancestors in the Talko Project lists the defined ancestors found as submitted in the genealogy files - according to locations where they were born, buried etc. From this listing one may get a fast overview of the material within the collection. The snapshot is, if possible, generated as seen from the proband - where the submitter or his/her close relatives is defined as proband.

Note that if an individual in the genealogy doesn't have a location in his/her record he/she will not be listed. Also note that the collections may have entries that is questionable, for example connections to ancient royalty or individuals with non vierified connections. The listing is more to see as an aid or guide to see who other is interested in the same villages, same families or family names.

To search within all these lists I suggest searching for "ancestors name" or "ancestor placename" or simply browse the documents one by one and search with the browser's "Find" functionality

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