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Dalens Ros No.17, Quinnesec, MI - members


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!MINNESSKRIFT (MEMORIAL ALBUM) !1902-1917 Svensk-finska Nykterhetsförbundet av Amerika S.-F.N.F:s Lodges and their members.
Published in Chicago, Illinois, 1917.

Page 47

Dalens Ros (Rose of the Valley) No 17, QUINNESEC, MICHIGAN

Organized January 11, 1903 with 18 members. The greatest number of members has been 26. The lowest 8. The membership is presently 8. The association has not sent either a photograph or a name list for the Memorial Album, but according to the last quarterly report the following persons are registered as members in the association.

  • John Jacobson
  • Gust Larson
  • Andrew Larson
  • Anna Larson
  • Hanna Nordman
  • Signe Larson
  • Hanna Engstrand
  • Lina Carlson

Article submitted by Syrene Forsman

Svensk-finska nykterhetsförbundet av Amerika

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