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Instead of the old wide excel -sheet for recording information for the Documenting every emigrants the method of using a genealogy program is presented.


Creating an unlinked individual

When using genealogy applications we usually work with individuals with parents, spouse and children.


Since most of the emigrants will be individuals without any connections to other individuals we have to use the function in the genealogy program that creates an unlinked individual. Example for this function from Reunion can be seen in the thumbnail picture.

Creating an unlinked individual in Reunion‎

Keying in the basic information for the individual

Usually the first information to key in are name of the individual and the reference information

  • surname
  • given name(s)
  • sex
  • indicating new or already existing source
Form to key in basic information and sources

Keying in the event information for the individual

Form to key in event information
  • birth
    • date & year, place, memo information about event
  • death
    • date&year, place, memo information about event
  • emigration
    • date&year, place, memo information about event
  • naturalization
    • date&year, place, memo information about event
  • residence
    • date&year, place, memo information about event
    • one or more residence informations can be entered as different events. Usually only one is showing as default but new events can be created in the genealogy app to store multiple informations. It is not recommended to store several different residence informations in one single reference field

Keying in the facts information for the individual

Form to key in facts
  • occupation

Keying in the "other information" for the individual, ie. notes

Form to key in notes
  • one or several notes can be created and saved - as one entity or several

Is this person known with other names?

If the person is or was known with another name or name form in either the US/Canada or back in Finland this should be recorded in a way that future users can find the person using this name in searches.

What does this require from us when we record the information?

  • when one searches for a person then usually the primary search key is the name!
    • Kajsa Lisa Henriksdotter
    • Kajsa Lisa Henriksdotter Påfvals
    • Lisa Johnson
  • these all should be searchable
  • the surname should always be a one entity surname to enable proper list handling in surname listings etc.

This means that one individual has several entries in the database and that these should be interconnected i some way

How can this be obtained keeping the standard information structure?

The thing is to store the AKA/Alias information plus a common reference!

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