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Haavisto-Tast family


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courtesy GSF
At the end of the 1500s a farmer known only as Hans was born at Haavisto in eastern Nedervetil; His son Johan, b. ca 1650, died 1616, inherited the farm. He married Elisabet Henriksdotter, d. 7 Feb 1759. They had four children:
  1. Valborg, d. 1757, married Johan Svedjelin from Gamlakarleby.
  2. Hans, b. 1706, d. 1770 (see below).
  3. Margareta, married Olov Kuusijärvi from Perho.
  4. Elisabet, married Per Haavisto who became owner of the farm.

Hans, (1706-Jun 1770) bought a home at Tast and moved there in 1743. His first wife Brita died childless in 1756. With his second wife Brita (1728-1807) he had four children. His son Johan, b. 1765, had a great grandson Anders Viktor (1856-1898) who took the name Nyström. Johan's son Matts (1796-1840) had 9 children; 5 of them were progenitors of family branches Paasiala, Kristoffers, Stranden, Tast, and Hästbacka (Nedervetil).

In his first marriage Hans had no children, so he adopted his sister Valborg's daughter Karin, b. 1736. In a will dated 1748 she became heir of her mother's brother and foster father Hans' home. Karin married Erik Henriksson Valkama from Kelviå. He became a farmer at Tast and took the name Erik Henriksson Tast.

At the beginning, the future for Karin and Erik was good and in 1756 Eric was awarded the same rights as Karin, according to the will dated 1748, "Inasmuch as he was a diligent and hardworking man." But this luck didn't last long. When Hans' first wife died in 1756 he retracted the provisions of the will of 1748. In 1757 he married Brita Eriksdotter and looked forward to having his own children (which he did have). He paid Karin and Erik 450 dalar kmt for the work they did during their six years on the farm, if they gave up all claims to the Tast home. Karin and Erik decided to build a new place at Helgabacka, but met resistance from several farmers and their plan was defeated.

Hans Tast amended his will on 1 Nov 1757 and the new will gave Karin and Erik half of the home at Tast in return of the 450 dalar kmt which he had given them. But this left a great deal of disharmony.

Hans Tast took his fosterson (socalled Erik) to court several times. One of the Court decisions "requested the partners to live in harmony and in the future not drag such useless quarrels before the Court." At the same session Erik Tast had taken offense and accused Hans Tast's wife Brita Eriksdotter of drunkenness. She was ordered to pay a fine. Several witnesses indicated that she "staggered and fell and was given to drunkenness."

Hans Tast had many other Court sessions that closed with settlement:

  • In 1757 he was accused of an indiscretion with Greta Axeen at the Nedervetil parsonage. Finding evidence was difficult and he was acquited. At that same session, the prosecution charged that he and his lady friend lived together although they were not married (in 1757) and accused him and his lady friend of not attending church service on Sunday the 18th of February 1757. They had passed by the church on the way to his dying sister Valborg in Kronoby (she died 8 days later). In both cases the prosecutor warned that he would take care of them.
  • In 1758 Hans Tast was accused by assistant vicar Anders Chydenius of causing a fire in the forest.
  • In 1759 he got into trouble with a woman who was not quite normal - Agata Blommendahl - who accused him of indecent assault. He was acquited when it was proven that Agata was disposed to making such charges. Because most of the jury proceedings were derived from clergy accusations, it is possible that they had an evil eye toward Hans Tast since 1756. Assistant vicar Anders Chydenius declared then that Hans Tast cut down a birch grove on the parsonage grounds, driven by envy and mischief. It was decided that an inspection should be carried out by an impartial person.

Hans Tast died 4 Jun 1770. The property was divided into two parts; the widow and her children got a half and Karin and Erik received the other half. After Hans died Karin and Erik became independent and continued to work on the farm but they had 13 children and the struggle for daily bread was difficult.

Family notes by Nils Backman.

English translation by June Pelo

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