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Liljan i dalen No.5, Amasa, MI - members


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!MINNESSKRIFT (MEMORIAL ALBUM) !1902-1917 Svensk-finska Nykterhetsförbundet av Amerika S.-F.N.F:s Lodges and their members.
Published in Chicago, Illinois, 1917.

Pages 27

Liljan I Dalen (The Lily in the Valley) No.5, AMASA, MICHIGAN

Organized February 6, 1899. The greatest number of members has been 65. The lowest 5. The membership is presently 5.

  • Jacob Carlström, (Jakob Carlström), Ytter Purmo
  • Mrs. Jacob Carlström (Hanna Häggman), Maksmo by, Wörå
  • Mrs. Lovisa Olsen (Lovisa Isakson)
  • Mrs. Sofia Blomquist (Mathilda Sofia Junell), Ytteresse, Esse
  • Esther Blomquist (daughter of Mrs. Blomquist)

Article submitted by Syrene Forsman

Svensk-finska nykterhetsförbundet av Amerika

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