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Liljan på Fjällen No.11, Felch, MI - members


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A temperance society has been based in Felch-Metropolitan since 1892, but it gained little support and was short-lived. About seven years later student Gustav Oberg (from Purmo) began to agitate for temperance and the result was the establishment on 21 October 1900 of a temperance society, “Liljan på Fjällen”, Nr. 11 in SFNF with 24 members. Alfred Anderson was chairman. A. G. Wikman, secretary and correspondent, and Matt Johnson was treasurer. Others on the board the next two years were John J. Quist, Jonas Blomquist, Eric Nyman, Eric J. Johnson. They complained persistently about the 6 saloons in the community. Drinking then was very common there and people made fun of those who wanted to close the saloons. Finally the saloons were taken to court because they sold liquor on Sunday which was against the state law and they were required to pay a fine. The tempeprance movement won more attention and after several years there was only one saloon left in the community. [1]

In 1904 the society had 58 members and several years later the number was up to 82, but it soon dropped to 18 in 1911. The society members built their own community hall in Felch. After 1904 there was also a mixed choir named “Lärken”. Later a brass band “Metropolitan Band” that participated in programs at the temperance and society yearly meetings in Ashland in 1906 and in Escanaba 1907. It’s not known how long Lärkan and the band existed. Of membership numbers at the end of 1916 there are two figures, 25 and 48.

The organization and the Sick Benefit Society “Nordens Bröder”, Nr. 23 in SFSF were merged to Lodge Nr. 14 in the Runeberg Order with 86 members, of which 13 were minors. The number of members since that time has never been large. In 1929 it was 94; 1935, 104; 1940, 99; 1950, 83; and 1960, 107, of which 51 were minors. But in 1967 the number had gone down to 34. Earlier the Lodge was noted for the central district’s conventions and picnics, but activities declined with time. During later years the Lodge served lunch to the many former Felch residents who returned for “Memoria Day” at the end of May.



Svensk-finska Nykterhetsförbundet av Amerika

S.-F.N.F:s Lodges and their members.
Published in Chicago, Illinois, 1917.

Page 42

Liljan på Fjällen (The Lily on the Mountain) No.11, FELCH, MICHIGAN

Organized October 21, 1900 with 24 members. The greatest number of members has been 82, the lowest 17. The membership is presently 48.

  • Erik J. Johnson (Erik Johnson), Markby, Nykarleby
  • Fred. Johnson (Alfred Johansson Herjebacka), Herjebacka, Purmo
  • Victor Johnson (Viktor Johansson Stenbacka), Stenbacka, Jeppo
  • Ina Johnson (Ina Johansdotter Stenbacka), Stenbacka, Jeppo
  • Andrew G.Wikman (Anders Gustav Vikman), Jeppo
  • Mrs.A.G. Wikman (Johanna Henrickson), Jeppo
  • Agnes J. Wikman (daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Wikman)
  • Anna O. Wikman (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wikman)
  • Ellen S. Wikman (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wikman)
  • Alfred L.Wikman (son of Mr. and Mrs. Wikman)
  • Anna S. Isaacson, Felch MI
  • Julia E. Isaacson, Felch, MI
  • Olivia H. Isaacson, Felch MI
  • William E. Wikman (Wilhelm E. Wikman ), Jeppo
  • Mrs. William Wikman (Alma Lovisa Gustafson), Bjons, Jeppo
  • Cecilia Wikman (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wikman)
  • Lydia Wikman (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wikman)
  • Lennart Wikman (son of Mr. and Mrs. Wikman)
  • John G. Sundquist (Johannes G.Sundquist), Haapbacka, Purmo
  • August Bränbacks, Ytterby, Malaks
  • John Simonson (Johannes Sandnabba), Sandnabba, Purmo
  • John Anderson (Johannes Kauhajärvi), Kauhajäri, PUrmo
  • Matt Backlund (Matt Johansson), Siisbacka, Purmo
  • John Backlund (Johannes Johansson), Siisbacka, Purmo
  • Andrew F. Skog,Felch, MI
  • Gust. Gustavson, Lusso, Jeppo
  • Edith Gustavson, Felch, MI
  • Hildur Gustavson, Felch, MI
  • Nickolas Gutafson, Lusso, Jeppo
  • Signe Forslund, Felch, MI
  • Emilia Isaacson, Felch, MI
  • Agda Isaacson, Felch, MI
  • Erik Wikman, Jeppo.
  • Mrs. Erik Wikman (Anna Susanna Hill), Jeppo
  • Jack E.Wikman (Jakob E. Wikman), Jeppo
  • John J. Isaacson (Johannes Isaaksson), Prästas, Jeppo
  • John J. Ovist (Johannes Jakobsson), Ovist, Purmo
  • Mrs. John Ovist (Maggie Andersson), Felch,MI
  • Edwin Ovist (son of Mr. and Mrs. Ovist)
  • Andrew Ovist (son of Mr. and Mrs. Ovist)
  • Werner Ovist (son of Mr. and Mrs. Ovist)
  • Emil Sundstrom, Kållby, Pedersöre
  • John V. Sundstrom (Johannes Viktor Sundstrom), Kållby, Pedersöre
  • Mrs. John V. Sundstrom (Anna Lovisa Ovist), Ovist, Purmo
  • Arne Sundstrom, Kållby, Pedersöre
  • John Sundstrom (Johannes Sundstrom), Kållby, Pedersöre
  • John Blomquist (Johannes Jakobssn Blomquist), Ovist, Purmo
  • Erik Nyman (Erick Erikson Nyman), Jeppo

Article submitted by Syrene Forsman

Svensk-finska nykterhetsförbundet av Amerika

  1. Sten. pp. 50, 52 (picture p. 51.).
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