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Lutherska Församlingen i Metropolitan, Michigan – Silversten


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(The author provides a note that the information comes from "Missionsposten")

Several pastors visited Metropolitan between 1885 and 1893,conducting preaching services for members of the community. In 1893 Pastor C. P. Edblom began his regular visits to the community. The congregation was founded on August 21, 1895 during one of his many visits. The name listed above as adopted during that meeting. Pastor Edblom presided with Alfred Anderson serving as secretary. The Augustana Synod's constitution was accepted. The congregation was incorporated in 1901 and accepted into the Augustant Synod in 1902.

The first church building was constructed in 1900 by the men of the congregation with material costing $475. When the building became too small, a new building was built in 1907 but the first floor under the church proper was not completed until 1920. That same year the church was fresco-painted and art glass windows were installed. Much of the actual work was done by the members this time also.

From the day of its establishment until July 1909, the congregation was served by either vice pastors or students. In the summer of 1909 the congregation's first pastor, K. M. Holmberg arrived. He had been ordained that June. Pastor Holmberg carried on an excellent and blessed ministry in the congregation until leaving in May of 1912. The congregation was vacant for about a year until Pastor Herman Anderson was called and took up his duties in 1913 but remained for only a little over a year.

Again there was a vacancy for about a year. Pastor B. E. Walters was called and arrived in May 1915. After his arrival, the congregation again began to prosper, membership increased and a great deal of good was accomplished during his ministry.

The parsonage had been built in 1909 and its barn the following year. A Ladies Aid Society had been organized in 1896 with the Sunday School following shortly after the founding of the congregation. The "Willing Workers" society came into existence in 1907 and the Luther League in 1908. Somewhat later both mens and womens missionary societies were established. A confirmation league and bible study classes were established early on.

Pastor Walters moved to Merrill, Wis. in 1922 and was succeeded by Pastor G. A. Östergren in 1923. He remained for two years and was followed by Pastor Frank Peterson who is serving at the present time.

The congregation owns a park immediately to the north of the church which was donated by Mr. & Mrs. John Isaacson. The courtyard on the East side of the church proper was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Matt Johnson.

The following vice pastors and students have served the congregation: Philip Thelander; C. P. Edblom; Augustus Nelson; A. J. Malmquist; C. A. Lund; and G. S. Olson; also students Gustav Bergman, C. E. Lundgren, C. E. Olson, Gustav Öberg; Carl J. Silfversten; B. E. Walters; K. M. Holmberg; J. A. Samuelson; Herman Anderson and Laurence Nordström.

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