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Welcome to SFHS - The Swedish-Finn Historical Society

Emigration from Finland - main routes
A short description of what is on the SFHS web site and where it can be found...more here

SFHS Mission

To gather and preserve the emigration history of Swedish Finns across the world, to connect Swedish Finns with their roots in Finland and to honor our cultural heritage. Read more...

Swedish Finns

Background, where they came from, where they settled and key organizations. Read more...

The Swedish Finn Emigration Story

Information, data and family stories.

The Talko Project - What is it?

Finlander Forum - What is it?

Contact us

  • Have a question, want to volunteer, find a relative or provide feedback - contact us: Read more...

The website search tool - How to use it


Changes to the web site

Main article categories

Collections planned and "under work"

Contact the webmaster

Feel free to comment to if and when you notice points of need for improvement.

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