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Erik Erksson purchased 3/16 mantal of the original home on 4 Mar 1875 and the family moved on 18 March from Palo to the old Lågland home Nr. 9 next to Sipola. They took the surname Lågland as was customary at that time. This information is found in the journal that son Johan Eriksson Lågland wrote about the family in 1909. Erik and Anna Sofia had 11 children, 5 sons and 6 daughters; 7 of the children died while young. Two sons traveled to America at 17 years of age, as well as daughter Maria.

Johan Eriksson Lågland (Lålas Jussi), b. 23 Oct 1849, married Lena Sofia Johansdotter Wefvar from Linnusperä, b. 18 May 1861. They had 10 children but only 4 became adults. They were: Johan Emil, b. 13 Jun 1878, Maria Emilia, b. 26 Jul 1883, Alfred Ernst, b. 8 Feb 1888 and Irene Alina, b. 25 Aug 1900, d. 6 May 1925. Johan undertook a number of community and church tasks after returning from a trip to America. His oldest sister Anna Sofia married 1884 to Johan jakobsson Sipola (Sipola/Stenmark).

The oldest son Johan (Janne), b. 13 May 1878, traveled to America and married there to Alice Evans, b. 1880, d. 24 Dec 1959 in Imatra. They had three children - 2 daughters and a son. The daughters stayed in America while the parents and Cisel moved to Imatra where they went into the hotel business after returning from America.

Cisel Erik Lågland, b. 13 May 1919, d. 20 Jan 1990 in Imatra. He married Veino Slöör and they had 3 sons:

  • Johan Eric, b. 13 May 1942, married to Eila Kyllikki Ruotsalainen. They had 2 children and live in Canada;
  • Lars Olav, b. 18 Mar 1946 was married and had 2 children living in Imatra;
  • Matti Cicel, b. 17 Nov 1953 married Merja Kopperi. They had 3 children and live in Australia.
  • Maria Emilia, b. 26 Jul 1883 married businessman Anders Rikhard Prest from Korplax, b. 15 Feb 1883 and they had 5 children. Their descendants are the well-known merchants on Storgatan and Strandgatan in Gamlakarleby. Their children:
    • Hildur Maria, b. 9 Nov 1905 married Ture Johannes Björk from Esse. They operated Prests Handwork shop on Storgatan that their daughter Gunvor, b. 8 Jul 1945 and her husband now manage.
    • Anders, b. 11 Nov 1906 married Heldine Ahlskog, b. 15 Sep 1911. They had a daughter Marita Heldine, b. 2 Oct 1937. Anders and Heldine had a shop on Storgatan.
    • Evald Johannes, b. 21 Aug 1908 married Ann-Lis Villman, b. 10 Jul 1913. Their children: Ralf Evald, b. 3 Dec 1943; Christel Elisabeth, b. 18 Aug 1946, and Vivika, b. 13 Mar 1951. Evald and Ann-Lis operated Diama Guldsmed and Uraffär on Strandgatan, which son Ralf now manages.
    • Gunnar Valdemar, b. 9 Jul 1912, d. in his young years.
    • Henry Rikhard, b. 23 Dec 1913 married Ulla Maria Nyström and they had sons Bo Henry, b. 3 Sep 1945, and Martin, b. 3 Dec 1954. Henry and Ulla took over his parent's business on Strandgatan which son Martin now manages.

In 1946 Alfred Ernst bought ¾ share of his father's home and ¼ share from his brother Janne. Alfred married Rosa Emilia Furu and they had 9 children - 8 sons and a daughter Gretel who d. 6 May 1927. Rosa d. 19 Feb 1928. He remarried to Lempi Maria Korkiasaari from Lestijärvi, b. 23 Dec 1903, d. 24 Feb 1969. A son Lars and daughter Laura were born in the second marriage. Alfred Lågland was active in community affairs. He was chairman of Social Welfare for ten years and later was on the Social Welfare committee, chairman and cashier of Kallis-Storby El. Cooperative. After Rosa's death in 1928 the sons inherited part of the home that Alfred bought from brother Janne in 1924. The house was deserted until 1947 when brothers Hans, Einar and Anders bought Alfred's share. In 1949 Anders traveled to Sweden and sold his share to Hans, who bought Einar's share at the same time. Hans lived in the old home until 1974 when the family moved into their new home on the homestead. The old house was torn down in 1975. Alfred died 23 Aug 1962. He became a juryman in 1937 and was awarded the title of Foreman of the Jury in 1948. Alfred's and Rosa's children were:

  • Runar Alfred, b. 16 Jul 1917, killed on the Svir front 23 Jul 1943. Before the war he built a stone house that he worked on until the outbreak of war.
  • Hans Vilhelm, b. 29 Aug 1918 married 1937 Dagmar Vessari from Gamlakarleby. They had a daughter before they divorced. He remarried to Erna Timgren from Esse and they had 4 children: Eivar, Jan-Erik, Sture and Rune. Hans worked with blocks of stone and became a skilled engraver and sculptor.
  • Sven Valdemar, b. 7 Nov 1919 married Ruth Tallquist Lepisto (now called Salbacka) in 1947 and had 3 children: Olov, Bengt and Gunnel. The children have all built their own homes at Salbacka. After retirement the sons, together with those of Sven, have continued the gravel business. Sven also made his debut as an author and wrote a book about events during the war years.
  • Ruben Johannes, b. 24 May 1921 married Gertrud Pitkänen, b. 8 May 1928, d. 1972. They built their own home at Bergåkrä on Rävfarmsvägen and moved in 1961. They had 4 children: Birgitta, Birger, Bo and Berndt. All are presently living in Sweden. Ruben worked with construction until retirement.
  • Helge Alexander, b. 30 Jun 1922, wounded at Svir 24 Apr 1944 and suffered from his wounds until his death 13 Jan 1952. He married Aune Puttila. Childless.
  • Göran Matias, b. 28 Oct 1923 married Eila Puronhaara from Halsua. Göran received irreparable war injuries, so his employment has been incidental. Göran and Eila had 4 children: Henry, Anita, Karita and Hillevi. They built their own house at Dahlbacka along Sipolavägen in 1951.
  • Einar Ernst, b. 11 May 1925 married Aune Pajuoja from Perho. They had 5 children: Mariann, Inga-Lill, Rosita, Peter and Carina. Einar worked as a concrete reinforcer on various buildings. They built their own home at Dahlbacka and moved in 1954.
  • Anders Verner, b. 6 Aug 1927 is presently unmarried and later lived in Sweden, first in Umeå and presently in Växsjötrakten. Despite his youth Anders took care of the property when the brothers were in the war.

Alfred and Lempi's children:

  • Laura Maria, b. 20 Aug 1932 married Risto Sirén. Their children are Hanneli and Hannu; they built their home at Vattentornsvägen 1965.
  • Lars Lennart, b. 7 Mar 1942 married Kirsti Ahinko from Kronoby. They moved to Köping in Sweden 1970 and have children Mikael and Maria.

Alfred Lågland died 23 Aug 1962.

From: Storby Min Hemby

June Pelo

See "Journal about Erik Eriksson Lågland in Storby village in Karleby parish", written by son Johan in 1909.

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