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SFHS Volunteers

SFHS is an all volunteer organization with over 30 active volunteers. Efforts focus on genealogy, the Quarterly and other communications, archiving, conducting research, along with participating in external events.

There always is a need for help around the Seattle office for those that are interested (research, filing, helping with the mailing of the Quarterly, and other activities). Assistance away from the office would be helpful in genealogy support, translations, writing articles for the Quarterly and research.

The pictures illustrate a few of our volunteers in action!!!

Some specific needs are:

  • Public Relations/Communications - help coordinate our efforts to communicate what SFHS does and strengthen our relationships with key communities where Swedish Finns settled in North America and where they came from in Finland. Much of the PR contacts can be managed from a home computer.
  • Volunteer Coordinator - help coordinate the efforts of our volunteers and guide efforts of new people who have an interest in helping SFHS. Much of this job can be done from home, as well as at the SFHS office in the Swedish Cultural Center.
  • Research and Documentation of Emigrants - help identify emigrants through census, church and other records in the 85 communtiies where Swedish Finns settled in North America.
  • Research and Documentation of Emigrants - in other parts of the world besides North America.

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