View Full Version : Hello again fom London, England, it has been a LONG time!

13-02-17, 11:39
Hei everyone,

Just wanted to say hi after what seems like many years!
If anyone remembers me I hope you are all well and to all the new members too. Life kind of took over and I simply wasn't able to keep up with everything plus work/home commitments. But I am slowly dipping my toe again into this fascinating subject and hoping to fill in some gaps.
Still looking for Brander/Holmlund/Harmiala/plus many more. All my mum's family were from Pori going back generations so it was quite easy to go back to my great, great grandparents. However, I hit a stumbling block when it came to those cousins who left Finland 100 years ago to settle in the USA. I found 1 line but they had no knowledge of the others so I guess I am back to trying to find those. I even tried snail mail but got no replies so lots of dead ends there.
Anyway, it is good to be back, I may at times go quiet but I will always check in at least weekly.

17-02-17, 12:10
Welcome back Ayla.

We also share some of Merikarvia ancestors. Believe that you have received them.

17-02-17, 18:01
Hi Kaarina,

Yes I have them from years ago when we shared our information. It is good to be back!
I hope you are well.