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12-08-17, 20:50
My Finland ancestors all came from Esse, Finland. They emigrated between 1880 and 1890. John Johnson (1859 - 1899) lived in Brooklyn, NY. I have not found his brother Matt Johnson or sister Ida Marie Johnson yet, but I think both emigrated as well. I researched the passport applications for Jakobstad from 1880 - 1890 but the microfilm is unreadable. Does anyone know where these records would be archived in Finland?

Alf Blomqvist
16-08-17, 10:17
Hi! Are you sure about your ancestors name?

I made a search from the HisKi-database and there are no "Johnson"s

http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/88n (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/88npdw)

Choose English, 15, Esse, First name child joh, Father first name joh, Years 1.1.1859 - 31.12.1859

Karen Norwillo
16-08-17, 20:32
Since Johansson would be a patronymic, father's first name Johan, there are several Johan and Matts born in the time frame on various farms in Esse. Mård, Nyback, Påval have matches. There are a few Ida Maria Johansdotter, but need more info. My family tree have all these names.

Alf Blomqvist
17-08-17, 08:52
I think Johnson comes from patronymic Johansson (son of Johan).

18-08-17, 16:26
Hi all!

I have found my relatives in the hiski database. They are from Pavals but moved to Jakobstad in 1875. I found them in the Jakobstad communion book, but I am trying to find the passport request so that I know when they emigrated to the US. The National Archives had microfilm of the Jakobstad passports at both Vaasa and Helsinki. On my way to Vaasa next week. If I do not find them there would there be another location to look that is close to Jakobstad?

Here are my relatives: Alexander Johnson 13 Feb 1826 Esse (Pavels) - 7 Feb 1897 Jakobstad; his wife Anna Lisa Mattsdotter 25 Apr 1828 Esse (Pavels) -?; children: John Johnson 14 Jan 1859 Esse (Pavals) - 10 Mar 1899 Brooklyn, NY, Matt Johnson 29 Apr 1861 Esse (Pavals) - 13 May 1937 Butte, MT, Ida Marie Johnson 7 Sep 1870 Esse (Pavals) - ?, Johanna Johnson 15 Dec 1855 Esse (Pavals) - ?

I am trying to locate the passport records for John Johnson and Matt Johnson. They emigrated from Jakobstad between 1881 and 1890. I found Ida Marie's passport request in 1890. The family went by the name Johnson in the US but used the name Janson in Jakobstad.

I am also trying to find out when Anna Lisa died and what happened to Johanna.

Thanks for your help

Alf Blomqvist
18-08-17, 19:14
I think the info from HisKi is this - both Johannes and Matts are born on Jåfs!

Karen Norwillo
19-08-17, 14:24
I have this family, but not your generation, in my data-base. Parents of Alexander were Johannes Andersson Påvals t Lassfolk 4.4.1782 Lassfolk farm, died 12.8.1843 Påvals farm. Married Elisabeth (Lisa) Eriksdotter Påvals born 1.6.1787 Påvals farm and died 11.8.1863 same place. They were married 24.4.1804 in Esse. They had at least 12 children 1805-1828 including your Alexander. All born Påvals farm. I will be interested to see what you uncover about Alexander's family. Is that birth year for Johanna correct? Is she first born?

Karen Norwillo
19-08-17, 14:40
Here's Alexander and family in Påval, Esse. He moved to Jakobstad in 1875.

Jaska Sarell
19-08-17, 17:40
Getting interested, since Alexander's mother Elisabeth's father Erik was my paternal line ancestor's brother. Also his wife Anna Lisa is multiply related. Both are my paternal line grandfather's grandfather's (Påhl Mattsson Påvals/Kornjärvi 1828-1892) second cousins.
I hadn't any information after family's moving to Jakobstad.

:) Jaska

19-08-17, 18:14
Hi all.
Yes, Alexander and Anna Lisa married and lived at Pavals until 1858 when they moved to Jafs.
Five children were born at Pavals but only Johanna survived childhood. She was born 15 Dec 1855.
After moving to Jafs, three children were born but only Johan and Matts survived. In 1865 the family moved back to Pavals and three more children were born. Only Ida Marie survived.
In 1875 the family moved to Jakobstad. I found them in the Jakobstad communion books and Alexander died 7 Feb 1897 in Jakobstad. I cannot find Anna Lisa or Johanna after that date. Could they have returned to Esse?
I visited Esse today and it is so beautiful. Tomorrow on to Jakobstad.

19-08-17, 19:15

Here is the 1891 - 1900 communion book entry for Jakobstad:

19-08-17, 19:16
Can anyone read the note next to Johanna?

Jaska Sarell
19-08-17, 23:11
Anna Lisa and four children can be found in Jakobstad communion book 1902-1909 pages 153 and 164.
No later books online.

:) Jaska

20-08-17, 07:40

yes. what do the notes mean?

Karen Norwillo
21-08-17, 00:01
I have found much information on Ancestry about Matts Johnson. There are pictures also. Are you interested?

21-08-17, 09:31
Hi Karen. I am on ancestry.com, so if you found pictures it is my tree on a relative. There is a man in Texas who has Matts in his tree with whom I share DNA. We are exploring this further. My tree is under username law4flight and is public. if you send me a message on ancestry, I will send you an invite to the tree.

Karen Norwillo
21-08-17, 20:37
Thanks Sam. If your tree is Public, I have full access to view. Mine is also Public "My Finn-Swede Roots"

15-10-17, 08:29
"Lott. n: 14" means that the person was chosen to be in the army with the raffle ticket number 14, unless I am mistaken.

"förfall. utebl." is short for "förfallolöst utebliven [borta]", which means that they didn't attend church services and yet gave no good reason for it.