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26-09-17, 15:43
I´m helping my 79 year old mother searching for a brother of her father Erik William Oskarsson (born June the 1:st 1880 in Keräsjoki, Nedertorneċ, Norrbotten, Sweden).
His brother Hans Petter was born 1877-08-11 (August 11:th) in Kemi in Finland and the christening date where 1877-08-26. Hans Petter and his mother Hanna Johanna Mattsdotter Mikko (born in December 14:th 1856 in Kemi) emigrated to Sweden and soon after that, in May 16:th 1880, she married my greatgrandfather Oskar Raumaniemi and he´s the father of the rest of her children (7, but some died at young age). As you see the boys where halfbrothers.
In catechetical length from Nedertorneċ, Norrbotten 1887-1896 it says that Hans Petter has emigrated to North America. As older my mother has become she has been thinking of this uncle and what happened to him. To help her I´ve been in contact with Svenska emigrantinstitutet (House of Emigrants) here in Sweden and they´ve tried to track Hans Petter with no success but the one I was in contact with suggested me to try if there is any tracks of Hans Petter in Finland. This person said that when Hans Petter was so young when he was written as emigrated he thought that he might had travelled together with someone (2 of his siblings went to South America and back to Sweden again after a couple of years but he didn´t move abroad together with them) and when there were no sign of him leaving from Sweden, he suggested that he might had went back to Finland and from there – maybe together with a relative or someone he knew through his mother, someone she had contact with even after they moved to Sweden – made the trip to America.
My contact at House of Emigrants found a person with the name Erik Jeremias Raumaniemi who left Sweden for North America in 1882. He thought it could be at relative to Hans Petters stepfather Oskar Raumaniemi and thought, in that case, it where to him Hans Petter where going. Although he couldn´t find this Erik Jeremias Raumaniemi further and said that could be because he had changed his name in America.
I´ve found out that Hans Petter, when he was born, in some papers has been given Hannanpoika as last name and in others Hannsson. He has also in some others been given his grandfathers (his mothers father) name Nakku/Nacku (his grandmothers name was Hildén). He could have used one of this names as grown up. But he also could have used his stepfather Oskars name Raumaniemi or the name his siblings used, Oskarsson. He could also have used one of her mothers last names: Mattsdotter Mikko. With a little change of spelling maybe. Hope someone can help me to find out what happened to Hans Petter so the riddle my mother ponder about can be solved. Thanks in advance for all your help.