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16-11-17, 06:51
Hi everyone, my Grandfather Carl (Karl) Smedlund came to the US around 1906, he was from Vassa Finland. I'm hoping to connect with relatives there.

16-11-17, 19:35
Do you have any further information about Carl, like his birthday and/or place? Vaasa may not be the largest city around, but it's still pretty big for a random search.

I found a Karl Wilhelm Smedlund, born 30.7.1884, in Vaasa in the last available communion books.

Here's his birth: there has apparently been an error in the communion books: he was born out of wedlock 30.6.1884, baptized 13.7.1884:

Here are his earlier appearances in the communion books:
1884-1885 - http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=20792&pnum=1141
1886-1895 - http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=21057&pnum=805

His mother was Amanda Sofia Eriksdotter Korps and his (step?)father was Otto Wilhelm Johansson Smedlund.

I could only find one other Smedlund family and they didn't have anyone named Karl.