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27-11-17, 23:40
(I am still trying to find the birth in Finland and the right person to the Herman Matson who died 8 Apr 1923 in Pennsylvania, USA. (Married to Mary Jarvi, trees at Ancestry)

This candidate was born in Saarijärvi, to the father Tp Matts Mattsson and wife Maria Lena Ersdotter. Unfortunately I am not able to find them in either Communion Book or Preconfirmation Records. I can only find the Birth note. Not a trace of them living somewhere. Can someone please help me?


28-11-17, 06:05
I wonder if the names of Herman's parents were recorded wrong in the birth record; as was the age of his mother (41)?

Saarijärvi Preconfirmaton Records, 1860-1873, Kukko 0, Pahkamäki: Children born to Matts Johansson and Maria Mattsdr (born 1830), including Herman, born 24.2.1865. I don't see any Herman born 24.2.1865, so maybe the date was also recorded incorrectly in this record? http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/saarijarvi/lastenkirja_1860-1873_mko109-122/129.htm

Saarijärvi Communion Book, 1860-1873, same farm (first 2 names): http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/saarijarvi/rippikirja_1860-1873_mko50-65/232.htm

28-11-17, 06:26
That Herman Mattsson married Hanna Hermansdr, born 25.9.1874, Keuruu


They were married 16.2.1900, Keuruu http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=7746&pnum=78

28-11-17, 16:17
You are brilliant! Thank you! One more off the list. I started out with 20 Herman Mattsson. Now they are down to two!


29-11-17, 00:52
not brilliant, just persistent... 🙂

and you're welcome...if you need help with the other two, post here...