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16-08-18, 09:59

my name is Katharine Shelby and I am a Finnish American currently living in Sweden. I am researching my genealogy, and since there is not much work done on my mother's family, I am taking up the long term project to study the Levšnen, Immonen and Simolin families (as those are the last names that I know of).

I live and work in Sweden, and am interested in genealogy, because I like to know about my roots and I love history.

Kat Shelby

June Pelo
16-08-18, 12:58
Welcome to the Forum, Kat. If you're interested in finding information about your families, post their names and dates and perhaps one of our members can help you.

20-08-18, 08:01
Thank you, June!

Is there a specific place I should post the names and dates?

June Pelo
20-08-18, 16:41
Probably the Relatives Search Board at: http://finlander.genealogia.fi/forumdisplay.php?3-Relatives-search-board-ads