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20-08-18, 03:45
Hello, everyone! I am a high school history teacher and aspiring genealogist - born in New York and currently living with my husband and two little ones in Colorado.

I have been researching my family history for about a decade, but only recently discovered I had Finnish roots. My mother's maiden last name was Granholm (changed from Grönholm a few generations back) and we were only told that the family was Swedish (my mother's paternal grandpa immigrated with his parents to the US from Sweden). I was digging through the Swedish archives and found that my great-great-great-great grandpa was born in Finland. I also took the Ancestry DNA test for fun and Finnish came up as my second highest result (much higher than my Swedish percentage).

I am hoping to learn more about Finnish history and culture and see if I can learn anything more about my ancestors there. I have yet to be able to find my ancestors in the records there - I am hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction with this!

All best,

June Pelo
20-08-18, 16:06
Welcome to the Forum, Jenna. Sounds like your ancestors were Swede-Finns. We have a lot of them. If you post some names and dates perhaps some of our members may be able to help. We have some good researcher members.