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23-08-18, 15:40
Hello Finlander Forum

Greetings from Central Missouri! My name is Tim, I am originally from Chicago. My maternal grandparents were from Jeppo, Nykarleby, Finland and settled in the Michigan U.P. ca. 1886-1891. I have traced my ancestors in Finland to the early 1700s in some cases, finding them in an arc that extends from Larsmo to Alahärmä.

I am interested in learning the proper usage of Swedish-Finnish genealogical terms and the several layers of place names that appear in parish records, among other subjects. Sources like the Swedish Genealogical Word List and the FHL Finland Research Outline have been tremendously helpful; I hope I will learn more by browsing the Forum.

June Pelo
23-08-18, 16:34
Welcome to the Forum, Tim. Have you read this article about the naming system in Finland? http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/art/article216e.htm If you click on Repository in the top menu of this page, you'll find articles about Finland. Are you aware of the Swedish-Finn Historical Society .. they have a group on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/19722773424/ and also at the top of this page, click on SFHS. If you need help with research, post a query and perhaps someone can help you.

24-08-18, 13:51
Thank you June. Indeed I have read Mr. Mether’s article on the Finnish naming system. Good recommendation. I think I have a grasp of patronymic names/farm names/ornamental and occupation-based family names now.

I am not active on Facebook, but I joined SFHS this year and it has been very rewarding.