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23-11-18, 19:44
I just posted this, but not enough coffee, don't know where I put it. I am back to researching my dad's family. Found a hint on his mother but it is in Finnish and I cannot find any translation that makes sense to me. Someone has on a history that her occupation was Vakkurin torpan tytär. Only translation I could get was "daughter of the dagger. Does anyone know what that means? Thank you

Jaska Sarell
23-11-18, 23:23
Daughter from Vakkuri croft, daughter of Vakkuri crofter. Vakkuri is a name, not to be translated.
It's based on profession vakkuri, who made wooden vessels (bushels), in Finnish vakka.

:) Jaska

24-11-18, 00:06
Thank you so much. That makes so more sense than the online translation and my dictionary was no help at all.