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12-07-19, 20:56

Looking for traces of my Grand-mum in Vaasa resources interesting document have been found. On the database http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=5116991.
Google Translator informed that "Hakemisto pääkirjaan III D 1908-1915" means "Index to the General Book III D 1908-1915"
On that page Surname of my family i.e. Fivek (or Fiwek) is written with digit 37.
I deduced this may concerns " Pääkirja III D 1908-1915 (I Ab:3)" or by Goolte Translator "Chief Book III D 1908-1915 (I Ab: 3)" http://digi.narc.fi/digi/slistaus.ka?ay=92817
Unfortunately I have no access into these documents. Because I'm not planning the trip into Finland in the near future ;) I'd like to ask for support.
Assuming several persons which are active on this Forum has permanent access into these resources could you please, review it and send me back this interesting page with information concerning Fivek family?
BTW. Other interesting information from that period are public-available. I've found marriage record as well as yearly communions of Fivek's when living in Vaasa and when was members of Vaasa Orthodox parish.

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Karen Norwillo
15-07-19, 14:37
It would be helpful if you gave us your grandmum's name and date of birth. Right now I have no clue who to look for.

15-07-19, 20:38
Sorry for being unclear.
In this particular case I'm trying to figure out information concerning Franciszek/Franc/Vassilij/Wasilij Fivek/Fiwek and his wife, Maria Aliina. They are parents of my grand-mom Helena Fiwek/Fivek
Their marriage took place on Vassa Orthodox on 09-01-1911 (as written on "Vihkimäkirja 1899-1918 (I Ea:2)" http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=5117044).
As I mentioned before SOME information is (most probably) available on "Pääkirja III D 1908-1915 (I Ab:3)" page 37, but this document is not available for me.
The end date is year 1914. On 1915 W Fivek lived in Hanko and paid tax 1500 (Kronen?) as it is written in newspaper "Hangö" dated 18 February 1915. https://digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi/sanomalehti/binding/821087?page=2&term=Fivek

So I`d like to ask for support in reviewing Vassa Orthodox "Pääkirja III D 1908-1915 (I Ab:3)" I can read and understand Russian. So the only barrier for me is availability of this document. Every help will be appreciated

Best regards