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03-05-04, 13:59
Hello all of you out there!

Knock, knock, ...

Has the summer vacations started earlier this year or do you all have the Spring tiredness?

The number of messages measured pere week or day has decreased heavily. I can see that the people who visit the forum regularly still come here but seldom new messages.

03-05-04, 15:55
Hello Hasse:

Yes, spring is in the air! My list of jobs just got longer. I do love to read the postings but sometimes it takes me a while to get back to respond. Please do not be discouraged.

Tracy Boeldt
03-05-04, 20:37
Hello Hasse & everyone!
I was thinking the same thing--that people are doing a lot of outdoor things--but then I have to apologize for not writing myself!


03-05-04, 20:50
Originally posted by Tracy Boeldt
...but then I have to apologize for not writing myself!...

No need to apologize! I was just wondering if the Finlander is even visible in the States - since everything seems silent as in the grave.

The question is... If there is little genealogy questions to discuss - what would then be of mutual interest? Perhaps that Finland won over USA in the World Championships in Icehockey 4-2... and today 4-0 over Russia?

03-05-04, 21:23
Hi Hasse

As you will see from the three or four messages I have posted tonight, albeit perhaps a bit rubbishy and un-Finnishy I am back. Have missed my contact with Finlander but visit of Aussie family sort of took over my life for a while there. Nothing to do with Spring. However, watch this space..... there will be more messages bursting forth:o

Only a month before my next lot of Australian visitors arrive, but they are only here for a day or two, so shouldn`t interrupt my contact with Finlander too much.

P.S. How many messages do I have to send to be promoted to Senior Contributor? Only kidding. I was very pleased with my unexpected promotion to Contributor.:D

04-05-04, 19:31
Between spring coming one month early to the northwest, and hosting visitors this month and next, my garden and kitchen have dominated my life! However, I can't complain since it's all fun.
I always enjoy reading the research going on however!

06-05-04, 08:35
Hej Hasse,
I'm in Gogebic County right now, about 180-200 names remaining and then to the final county, Iron. I will hold Crystal Falls to the end because of those places tendencies to use every bit of space in the members books and making it hard for me to decide when one family begins and another ends.
That sounds humorous but sometimes it is a real problem.
Kaj is still working hard on getting parish names deciphered and reviewing my transcriptions and catching my typos.
When I get all in hand, I will take my printouts back to Swenson where I will go back over each church line by line to make certain the data is as found in the membership books. Already I can say that Keeweenaw County is 100% accurate! No churches!

Karen Norwillo
06-05-04, 19:25
Hey Chuck, Say "hi" to Crystal Falls for me when you get there. I hope to get back next summer. My family has it's roots deep in Iron County. Karen

06-05-04, 22:19
I am holding Crystal Falls to the bitter end.
Those guys crammed names into every line and space they could find.
So the two churches in Crystal Falls, the one in Metropolitan, and the Champion Finnish are my all time favs for difficulty:)
I have all the Gogebic names so now they've to be typed into the spreadsheet. Groan

06-05-04, 22:45
Roses to you Chuck as you give birth to the database!!!

June Pelo
07-05-04, 16:57

If you go to this website: http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/indexe.htm - to Michigan and scan to East Tawas, you'll find birth and marriage data for Abigail Lutheran church which I submitted many years ago. There are references to other churches in Mich. such as Crystal Falls, etc.


A-M Löfdahl
07-05-04, 18:58
I have started to work again, so just now I don´t have time for much more than reading on Finlander... hope I will be able to do that now and then.

....and we have SUMMER here in Ostrobothnia.... yesterday it was +27 C in Vasa. It is very unusual. Everything is green, it just exploded in one day!!

Hope you all have a nice summer!