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17-05-04, 10:53
Hi from Sweden,
In a familyalbum I found this couple.
The photo is definitly taken in America New York Gallery. But is it located in San Francisco?
An uncle of my grand mother moved from Finland (Lovisa) to San Francisco via Russia in the 1870-ties.
He was not heard of after the great earth quake in 1906. His name was Johannes Friman and he was married.
This young couple should be the one mentioned.
Is there anybody who has some idea where this picture has been taken?

Shirley King
11-11-04, 06:31
This picture was taken in San Fransico, but the name of the shop was the "New York Gallery". Often times here in the US there will be many shops with the name of another city or state just to lure the customers. You can get a Chicago Pizza in any major city, Maine Lobster, Louisiana Catfish,etc. At the time there were many famous photo galleries in New York, so the shop took that name to assure the customer they would get the same quality photo in San Fransico. It makes it all very confusing, but we Americans are like that!;)

25-12-04, 19:42
Thank you Shirley,
I have not been connected for a couple of months and see your comment today. It makes sense. The above couple was living in SF, but I can not trace them there. Do you or somebody else have an idea where to look.

Shirley King
25-12-04, 22:48
Many many Finlanders left San Francisco after the great earthquake, never to return. Are there any other leads to any other relatives in America living any other places? This is the place to get help with finding relatives. The people that are members of this forum are very resourceful. My suggestion is to get as much info as you can, especially dates, and put a question onto the relative search main board with the heading "looking for Johannes Friman/San Francisco" and see what comes up. Also I had written a history paper on Finnish Immigration to America and I ran across a book by Jerry Schofer called "Urban and Rural Finnish Communities in California:1860-1960" and I think he listed some peoples names in that book. I can look again when I get back to my college studies (if I can remember):(

26-12-04, 19:17
Thanks again Shirley,
Hope it works, your suggestion seems the right way to act.

June Pelo
26-12-04, 21:29
My father had some cousins from Finland who were in the SF earthquake. They survived the quake and went to Nevada and Arizona to work in the silver and gold mines until ca 1920. Then they went back to Finland. Here's a picture of them - the one on the right was known as the fastest driller in the West.


26-12-04, 21:50
Hi June,
Sometimes the pictures go into a temporary hold for validation before being posted. I just checked and sure enough both pictures were waiting to be validated.

They should appear now. :)

I erased the second copy of the picture /Hasse

Shirley King
27-12-04, 19:30
Hey June,
Of course living in Nevada, I am curious as to where this picture was taken. Sure looks like the landscape around here. Mountain desert, not pretty but I like it!

June Pelo
27-12-04, 21:03

As much as we know, Alfred Lågland's son Lars thinks the picture was somewhere in Nevada. The men were also in Arizona - Tombstone? Lars also sent me copies of some records his father kept of gold that he mined and sold. Interesting. It's a pity he didn't ask more questions. His father returned to Finland and became involved in raising a family, etc.