View Full Version : Greetings from Haapsalu and Ösel in Estonia

29-06-04, 10:54
Hi all

Along Estonia's costal line there has been areas with a Swedish speaking population in the same way as in Svenskfinland today.

My wife and I recently visited the western parts of Estonia and had the chance to take a peek into the Aiboland Museum (http://www.aiboland.ee) in Haapsalu - the museum of the Estonian Swedes.

The picture attached (from a painting in the museum!) is showing where the Swedish-Estonians still lived in 1930's (the yellow and red coloured areas). During the second world war most of them fled to Sweden or were "eliminated" by Stalin - so only few of them still live in Estonia.

Here is some links (http://www.zum.de/whkmla/region/eceurope/xestonia.html) to Estonian and Baltic history.