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13-07-04, 08:20
June Pelo has submitted several new articles to the Delphi collection:

-Elmer Alexander Forsberg 1883-1950
-Hanko Remembers the Epoch When Emigrants Traveled to America
-Old Lågland
-Journal about Erik Eriksson Lågland in Storby village in Karleby parish

June's articles can be found at this link (http://delphi.eget.net/index.php?Article%20collections).

02-08-04, 09:35
See the article (http://delphi.eget.net/index.php?The%201911%20Oscoda%20Fire) here.

On July 11, a warm summer day in 1911, the neighboring cities of Oscoda and AuSable (Michigan) burned to the ground in what has been called the "most devastating fire in the history of Michigan". Both cities were constructed entirely of wood, due to the heavy influence of the lumber trade in those years. Not a single concrete sidewalk or building could be found, which made the communities perfect bait for the hungry, rapid flames.

June's article collection of 100+ articles can be found in Delphi at this address (http://sfhs.eget.net/wikijp.html)

17-09-04, 23:01
See the link (http://delphi.eget.net/index.php?New%20articles%20in%20Delphi)