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22-07-04, 01:23
Here is a postcard of Petalaks kept by Grandmother, Anna L Krut and was marked with an X at the location of the Krut house.

I am stuck on my Krut family with: Abraham Eriksson Krut, b. 19 April 1833 in Malax; d. 10 Nov 1919 in Petalax. I am looking for his parents. Your help and suggestions would be appreciated.

thank you....


23-07-04, 03:54
Sorry, Sallyann.

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Anyway, here's Sallyann's postcard.....

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23-07-04, 03:57
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19-04-05, 20:13
Hi Sally Ann

The parents of Abraham Krut were Eric Marcusson Haga, b. 16 jan 1783 in Malax, d. 31 jul. 1846 in Malax and his second wife Maja Stina Eriksdotter Udd, b. 12 apr. 1811 in Malax, d. 11 dec. 1887 in Malax.