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Alice Finnerty
11-11-04, 04:22
After my mother passed away I found a box belonging to my father. His father was Matts Leander Andersson Jossgark
His mother was Maria Sofia Pehrsdotter Skruf.
These 2 pictures were among his treasurers belong to his side of the family. There were no names or dates written on them. Was hopeing mabye some one would recognize them.


Alice Finnerty
12-11-04, 04:30
I appreciate you helping me with my picutre. I have another one.
These pictures have the words stamped in them:Jakobstads Fotografi Atelier. In my previous post the man standing has the same words stamped on his picture. Grandmother Maria Sofia Pehrdotter or Pettersdotter Skruf 's father was a Judge and his father was a judge also: Simon Petter Andersson Skruf - my information says: Skruf-hemman Tolvmans birth 2.7.1804 Predersore Bannas, Skruvila death 17.4.1880 Pedersore, Bennas, Skruf, i lunginflamation. and his son: PetterSimn Pettersson Skruf
1.6.1854 - 18.12.1930 (with the same words as above)
My thinking is wondering if anyone recognizes these people and know of any archives that would have more information the the judges of this area?
Thanks for any help :)

Jaska Sarell
12-11-04, 10:18
Hi Alice,

Confusing title "häradsdomare" among other legal terms in Swedish are well explained at

Not a judge (domare) from some distant city visiting local court meetings maybe twice a year, but a prominent local figure!

:) Jaska

Alice Finnerty
12-11-04, 14:00
That is a great site. I appreciate the information.
Have you ever seen the attached?
can you tell me more about it?
My G G Grandather is right of the middle guy.
Thanks Alice

Jaska Sarell
12-11-04, 20:16
The same photo appears in Pedersöre storsockens historia and I was about to scan it for you...
Taken from the autumnal court meeting in 1862. There's judge Elfving in the middle, twelve members of the jury (häradsnämndeman) and a policeman.
Among the jurymen Johan Brännäs must be the great uncle of the most popular Finnish male actor Tauno Palo (1908-1982), originally Brännäs.
I have some interest about these since in my paternal line many generations from the same farm, in my case Påvals of Ytteresse, were members of the local court jury.

:) Jaska

Kaj Granlund
26-12-04, 21:16
Sorry I didn't notice these pictures earlier. I'll ask my neighbours at the nursing-home if they know any of these persons.

Kaj Granlund
02-02-05, 07:18
Asking the president of the local historical societey he looked at the pictures and said: I'm not sure but that lady looks very much like she could be "Davas Ida". Davas is the local name for the place where the father of Ida lived. Ida was the sister of Matts. Then that child could be theri first born daugheter Ellen.
Does it make any sence?