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03-12-04, 19:31
This little item could as well belong into the chit-chat dpt. But it's a bit of culture too.

I don't know if the tradition of the Christmas calenders are spread outside the Nordic countries, but it's popular at least in Finland and Sweden.

A Christmas calender is a cardboard picture with 24 small doors cut out. From dec. 1st onward you open one door each day and behind each door is a little picture. Behind the 24th door is usually a picture of the Holy Family.

A Christmas calender is a must in every family with children, but adults enjoy them too.

There are also Christmas calenders with a piece of chocolate behind each door.

In my home town the local athletics club Akilles sells calenders with numbers beihind the doors. It is in fact a lottery. Every day the local newspaper publish the winning numbers. The prizes are goods donated by the local stores.

There are also Christmas calenders on the net. One of the most beautiful is linked up to the site of the public library in Aura, a small town in the south west of Finland.

You can acess it directly here (http://www.positiivarit.fi/joulu/) .

Turn on your sound before you open the doors. You can't open the doors in advance, so you have to visit the site each day until Christmas.

I hope you all will have a nice yule time.


03-12-04, 19:44
Growing up in the UP of Michigan, we had those in our Sunday School classes every year.

Margaret Rader
03-12-04, 20:37
You can buy them in the U.S. We always called them Advent Calendars, since they were used all through Advent and the last window is opened Christmas Eve.
I usually have one up and open the windows all by myself now that my kids are grown up.
Sune, the one at the link is marvelous! Thanks.


04-12-04, 10:57
Another "julkalender" can be found here:

Link (http://www.kotus.fi/joulu/adventskalender/adventskalender.shtml)

The calendar is presented by the "Research Institute for the Languages of Finland" and thus every day has a message - and a proper interpretation by the institute people.

Have fun!

Margaret Rader
05-12-04, 20:10
Virtual Finland also has a nice advent calendar this year, plus lots more: