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14-09-03, 16:01
I wonder if somebody can help me to get information about the 2 Knuts siblings.
Emma Carlsdotter Knuts born april 17th 1898 in Vörå, Aknus emigrated to Canada 1922. Her ship from Liverpool to Canada was according to Migrationsinstute´s passengerlists C.P.O.S. Lines Montrose. Left Liverpool october 20th 1922.
In Canada she married a man named Amundsen, they moved to Alaska, got a daughter, divorced. After that I don´t know her destiny. If she has any ancestors they are my 86 year old mother in law´s cousins.
Emma´s brother Edvard Carlsson Knuts born april 17th 1898 in Vörå, Aknus also emigrated to Canada in 1923. At that time he was married to Anna Eliina Kivimäki born december 14th in Ylihärmä. They had 2 cildren Eino Knuts b. 19/6 1921 in Alahärmä and Elvi Knuts b. 30/10 in Alahärmä. He left Liverpool february 2nd with family on board C.P.O.S. Line´s ship Montclare. After that no information. It is possible that he like his sister moved to US. Grateful if somebody can help.


Now I have found a little more information in an old letter about Emma Knuts.Emma Amundsen died in april 1972 and is buried in Anchorage Alaska. According to the letter she had a daughter: Dorothy Erickson Burns in Ketchikan, AK. She died May 5th 1996. She had a daughter Laurel Taylor, her adress 1996 was 500 Jerome Drive, Wasilla Alaska 99654. I wrote a letter to that adress, but it was returned, not deliverable as Addressed.
Would be very grateful if somebody can help me or give me a hint how to continue. Have also found a phone number on Laurel Taylor in Soldotna AK with the help of switchboard, but no such person is known at that number.
Regards Olle Grims