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09-01-05, 18:47
Hello all!

I'm trying to identify the people standing in the rear in this photo. It was taken in Lappfjärd about 1926. The front row are from left to right: Hilma Virtanen (b 1896), her sister Alfina (b 1892), her sister Gunilla Domander (b 1898) and Gunilla's son Bengt (b 1920).

The other people are quite distinctive in appearance, but I have no idea who they might be! Anyone know them?


- Brian Domander (in Toronto)

Kaj Granlund
02-02-05, 07:30
Sorry I don't recognice the people. But why not send the picture to the local newspaper Syd Österbotten. I know they sometimes publish pictures that people ask to be recogniced. That would give a large audience to help you. The email to one of the staff at the newspaper is

benita.kummel-erikson [at] sydin.fi

04-02-05, 15:03
Hi Brian,

Perhaps this photo http://sydaby.eget.net/gen/ufo/lapp1918.htm with identified persons from Lappfjärd circa 1918 might contribute to resolving the identity of the persons in your photo. Anyway there is information about Teodor Domander in the caption below the photo. It reads: "Teodor Domander bodde där John och Nils Storsjö bor idag 1987" - Teodor Domander lived where John och Nils Storsjö live today 1987.


07-03-07, 01:48
Hi Staffan!

Thanks so much for that photo! This is the first photo of a family member from that long ago which has come from outside the family!

Since I wrote my question about the unknown photo I have been supplied with a most probable answer from a friend who lives in Sweden and is himself Finnish. He suggests that the unknown people are servants of the older sitting woman. I must agree with him now. They DO look like servants from their dress and in other ways. And if I assume they are family servants, then I can say that this group represents all the people who are known to be living in that family group in 1927. It is a most elegant idea! I accept that this is the best explanation for my question.

Again, thanks for finding that other photo for me!

- Brian Domander