View Full Version : How to subscribe?

30-08-03, 21:44
It is easy!

Click the register button at the lower edge of the top blue ribbon.

You have to register a name and password in the same way as in many other forum discussion boards. (You needn't fear - the information won't be distributed around!)

You must enter both your given name and your surname during the registration, either as the user ID or within your signature. The ID will show as author of your messages. Thus if you prefer a short nickname as your ID, please enter your name into the signature field in your preferences. You also need to enter your (valid) email address.

After registering you usually get an email validation message to your inbox in your email program. Follow the instructions!

After that you may log in - see the login user/password fields and the button down to the right on the forum's main page (http://finlander.eget.net/index.php) .

Note that without logging in you see only a small part of the total forum!