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June Pelo
18-09-03, 21:54
Someone sent me this photo with these comments:
Taken abt 1887-97 in Kaustinen of these men holding up a toast. Matti Rahkona, Jiakka Yala, Aajuami Luamola, Jieha Siesi, Mikko Paavola, Matti Lakumola, Oskari Rahkona, Feelix Paavola, Jalmari Paavola, Aljnet Paavola, Timari Paavola, Oskar Laumola.

19-09-03, 02:09
I thought maybe some of these Paavolas might be brothers to my grandfather's step-father, Alexander Eriksson Paavola, but none of the names are close. I may check Hiski to see who they are as there may be some connection.

As you know, the other Paavolas in my line(s) are the ones from the 1700s and earlier.

I'll update if I find anything interesting.

19-09-03, 03:06
A quick search of Hiski shows a grown Jakko & Mikko Paavola having children in the 1870/80s. But these following were born a bit later. Maybe not the same or maybe the dating in the photo is off. Juho Ilmari b.1889, Kaarle Ilmari b.1887, Matts Hjalmar b.1879.

I found an Oscar Luomala and Abraham Luomala (Aaprami), Jaakko Ojala, Matts Oscar & Antti Oscar Rahko(la). Couldn't find anything close to the other name.