View Full Version : Astoria couple 1889

03-04-05, 20:46
This picture was taken in Astoria, Oregon in 1889. The photographer was Backus. No other information is available.

I hope somebody recognizes these people. They (or one of them) probably come from Kšlviš (KelviŚ) near Kokkola.


Gita Wiklund
03-04-05, 23:23
Did you forget to post the picture?


04-04-05, 02:50
No, Helen didn't forget the picture. Usually when a new member joins and attempts to attach a file, it goes into a holding queue until it can get validated. I just went and checked and it was hanging so I sent it through.

I having been moving the last few days and just got Internet connection re-established last night so I'm behind on my duties. ;) Bear with me as I still have many days of unpacking to do now.