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11-04-05, 22:16
The name Jossgårk appears now and then in our genealogic databases from Finland. I think this name is a little bit strange to our swedísh names here in Finland. I've tried to find a good explanation to this name and up to now I have heard two theories.

Mr. Håkan Backman from Esse is very interrested in historic science and he gave me these explanations:

Joss (or Jåss) is probably the same name Jofs (Jåfs) that appears here and there in Ostrobotnia. In Vörå is a creek with a waterfall named "GÅLKfors". This "GÅLK" could be the same word that we have in "JossGÅRK" and it means a waterfall with a fishing place from which taxes were payed to the King (of Sweden, at that time). Near Jossgårk we also have the place named "Kung" and long ago there lived a man named Peter Konung. Today the names Kung, Lillkung and Nykung are still in use.

The other explanation is that "Gårk" is a Russian word that means "little hill".

Seems that we must rely on these to theories and I don't know which one is the right...

Christian Dahlin

11-04-05, 22:38
JOSSGÅRK in Överesse. From a person's name Jöns and gårk = boy.


June Pelo
12-04-05, 01:03

Thanks for the explanation and the website.


12-04-05, 10:49
Joss may be Jöns as well, but where did you find that gårk means "a little boy"?

12-04-05, 15:01
In the Gamlakarleby-Nedervetil dialect "gårr" means big, much. But I don't know if "gårr" has the same stem as "gårk", which is a word that I haven't heard in the dialects in "modern time".


12-04-05, 19:51
OK, I know this word "Gårr" from Gamlakarleby, but it has never been used in Esse and Pedersöre as far as I know. You can find the same word in different places in Sweden too, spelled "göör". But it's hard to be sure of old names on places. Our language has changed a lot over time. Not even scientists agree with each other about all these old names. But that explanation was interresting anyhow.

Thank you for your link to June Pelos article. It was interresting and I'm going to study it in detail.

Alice Finnerty
12-04-05, 19:59
Thank you for all this good information. My Grandfather being Jossgårk and many other relatives this is excellent information to pass on to my cousins. Thanks again!