View Full Version : Eva Ronkainen or?

20-06-05, 06:44
Oscar and Evi Leino married 1909 in Ohio USA. I have the family line on Oscar whose born surname is Keskinen. Later the family changed their name to Karlsson. It is the wife (my grandmother) that I still have no information on. She was born in Juuka May 7, 1882. Thought she was born as Eva Ronkainen according to her children. On her US papers she claimed her name as Evi Lizzi Suomi. On my mothers marriage certificate she claimed her maiden name as Renki. I dont know where the name Leino came from. Does anyone possibly have any similar connection and know who she really is? Also, an exact marriage date of Sept 16 1910 took place in Cleveland Ohio, but the church is unkown. The clerk of court does not have these records. I was advised the individual churches do. Are there any suggestions as to how I may go about obtaining the marriage records? These records would really be helpful. Appreciate any info.
Thank you