View Full Version : Do you recognize these people or the studio?

20-08-05, 19:05
These 2 photos are from our family's Finnish collection. If anyone has a clue on who these people are or where the studio might be, please let me know.
Most of our Finnish postcard type pictures are from the Quincy and Worcester, MA area, between 1905 and 1910, but these 2 are different. The words on the back are in English and the pictures are glossy (the others are flat). The background is also different from any of the other pictures.
Our family names are Nystrom, Soldan, Talso, Niemi, Puranen.
Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

21-08-05, 01:35
Here is another picture from the same studio. I thought I could attach 2 pictures to one message but whatever I did - it didn't work.
These people are also unknown. This man might also be the younger man in the other picture. Just a guess.

21-08-05, 07:11
Only one attachment per message is possible.

12-01-06, 23:11
Could these pictures be from Helsinki? Is there a website with old pictures from Helsinki or Finland?