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June Pelo
22-11-05, 00:47
We thought John Swan was wearing the uniform of the John Philip Sousa band, but they've informed us this is not their uniform. Would anyone recognize what uniform John is wearing? I realize it's difficult to see the emblem on his hat. It looks like a wreath surrounding a musical emblem. The uniform resembles those worn by military bands.


22-11-05, 04:47
Hi June,
Could it be a city band's uniform or an organization's band uniform such as a union or temperence group? Collecting photos for the Michigan exhibit I was startled by the bands across all of the state around 1900-1920.

June Pelo
22-11-05, 20:03
It's possible, Syrene. The problem is we don't know the year this was taken nor the city. We understand that he played with many orchestras and bands. And I think the emblem is a lyre or harp.