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02-12-05, 21:55
The SFHS archive director's family is dedicating a wetlands near Seattle to the community and would like to name it for one of their family names in Finland: Miemois. They wonder if anyone knows what the name means. Any help appreciated.

07-12-05, 16:55

Behind the link below is a discussion regarding Miemois, in Swedish though.



08-12-05, 12:45
The name must have its roots somewhere long back in time, probably as said in the discussion on Westside from Finnish "Miemoinen" or something alike used centuries ago. If "Miemoinen" is the original name or if that also is a derivative of something older - who knows.

I really think it will be hard to get an exact explanation of the name. Maybe P. Slotte at the Research Institute for Finland's languages could help?

09-12-05, 17:30
Peter writes that he consulted Sirkka Paikkala, who has written a book about Finnish surnames. In the book he finds "Mämmi" with the alternative spellings "Memo"/"Miemi" in Reval (Tallinn, Estonia), mentioned 1211. A person Clemt Memoj is mentioned in Laihela 1543.

The book "Rakkaan lapset monet nimet" (1982) by Eero Kiviniemi the author also mentions the name "Miemola" and the name Miemo/Meme in Reval. Kiviniemi indicates that the name probably contains a stem from a Baltic word with the meaning "dumb" or "mute".

Lönnrot's Swedish-Finnish dictionary lists "Miemo" as the Swedish word "vanmäktig", ie. loosly translated "powerless".

Seems like the wetlands might be getting a "powerless" name...