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01-01-06, 20:07
Happy to have found this site. I am looking for information on Sofia Sodergard daughter of Isaac Sodergard and Maria Bertil,I have copies of her passport and translated with little success. I think it lists Vori Finland as being the last place she was. My family and I have been looking for more information on our grandmother for years, we seem to always come to a dead end. She died at a young age after having my mother. Is Sodergard a finnish or swedish surname? Thanks Marlene

01-01-06, 20:26
I notice you listed yourself on your profile as in Michigan. If your ppl emigrated to the UP, I have a dbase of Finnish born that can be searched. It is only of such people listed in Swedish churches in the UP that I found at Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center in Rock Island (end of commercial :)

So even if not in the UP but maybe a troll :), I can check at Swenson for you if you know a town/state.


Karen Norwillo
01-01-06, 23:15
I found a Beata Sofia Södergård on Migration Institute Passports and Passenger lists. Says birth 1873, Vöyri (Vörå), left Finland 10 Nov 1902, left England 12 Nov 1902, destination Marquette, MI. Passenger list as Sofia.Didn't find her arrival, but need to go back to Ancestry and check under Beata. What was her married name in US? Karen

02-01-06, 07:52
Beta Sofia had a sister Hanna Fredrika born 31/3 1876 in Kerklax Maxmo Finlad died 25/4 1910 in Michigan USA.
She was merried to Erik Backlund b. 7/12 1876 in Koskeby Vörå Finland died 9/2 1958 in Michigan USA

Henrik Mangs

William Dahlin
02-01-06, 16:04
1900 Census Crystal Falls Iorn Mi

J Sodergard b. Nov 1868 age 31 = b. 1869
Sophia wife b. Nov 1865 age 37 = b. 1863
John son b. Nov 1888 age 11 = b. 1889
Isaac son b. 1891 age 9 = b. 1891
Ishlar brother b. 1863 age 37 = b. 1863

1910 Census Delta Mi

John Sodergard age 25 = b. 1885
Amanda wife age 24 = b. 1886

1920 census Crystall Falls Iron Mi

Isaac Sodergard age 29 = b. 1891
Edith wife age 26 = b. 1894
Chas son age 4 = b. 1916

1930 Census Crystal Falls Mi

John Soderlund age 61 = b. 1869 Widow
Ike saon age 39 = b. 1891 Widow
Charles Grandson age 14 = b. 1916

William Dahlin
02-01-06, 17:09
1910 Census Crystal Falls Mi

John Sodergard age 42 = b. 1868
Sophia wife age 45 = b. 1865
Isaac son are 20 = b. 1890

children 2 l living

1900 census shows a John age 11 and not listed in 1910.

02-01-06, 19:22
79w Alina Math. Clemetz f. Soderlund Mar 25 1882 Jomala 1899 S 25-3

I doubt this is yours but the only one that was a church member, no Sodergard of any change in the character a.

I did see a Mangs at Ashland, WI so I will put it here. Finns at Bethesda Swedish-Finn Lutheran
11 Nyholm, Maria Alina f. Mangs Oct 9 1885 Narpes Oct 7 1905 em 1904 fr Woonsocket, RI 1909
12 Mangs, Maria Carlson f. Mattson Apr 27 1857 Narpes em 1906 fr Woonsocket, RI 1907, To Duluth MN 1913

02-01-06, 20:53
Originally posted by marlene
Happy to have found this site. I am looking for information on Sofia Sodergard daughter of Isaac Sodergard and Maria Bertal,I have copies of her passport and translated with little success. I think it lists Vori Finland as being the last place she was. My family and I have been looking for more information on our grandmother for years, we seem to always come to a dead end. She died at a young age after having my mother. Is Sodergard a finnish or swedish surname? Thanks Marlene

02-01-06, 21:12
hope I am doing the reply correctly? Thanks for the post. yes she left finland in Nov. 1902 and eventually ended up in the up of michigan, Birch or Big Bay or both? These both are in powell twp. Marquette county. I think her passport says she was born in1873 this is the only date on the first page of her passport. She married Axel Johnson on the 8th of May 1910 at a luthern church in Marquette. It states that she was born in finland, but so far i have not found any info on her there, just passport and emigration record.

02-01-06, 22:42
Hi Marlene,
Welcome to Finlander!
I found the following whom I believe to be your Sofia in an index for the 1910 census. Unfortunately I don't have access to the image but perhaps someone who does will be able to look it up for you.

Surname: SODERGERD Given Name: SOPHIA
Age: 37 Sex: F Race: WHITE
Birthplace: FINLAND
T624-Roll: 662 Part: 2 Page: 88 Subpage: A
State: MI

Best wishes

Karen Norwillo
02-01-06, 23:51
Here's the 1910 census info
Powell Twp. Marquette, MI
Sodergerd, Sophia, housekeeper, 37, single, Finland, Swedish, US 1902
Sodergerd, Irene, daughter, 4, MI.
She must have married right after this census. I'll check out Axel Johnson. Karen

Karen Norwillo
04-01-06, 16:21
I found Axel Johnson's WWI Draft Card signed 12 Sep 1918 in Marquette.
Axel Johnson
Birch, Marquette, Michigan
age 39 born Jan 11, 1879 Finland
farmer self-employed Birch, Marquette, MI
wife Mrs. Sophie Johnson Birch, Marquette, MI. So she was still alive in 1918.
description: tall, med. build, blue eyes, light brown hair, no scars or deformities.
I couldn't find the family in Marquette in 1920. Found loads of Axel Johnsons, but no matches. Tried searching with your mother's name, no luck yet. Karen

Karen Monson
06-01-06, 04:55
Dear Marlene:
My paternal great-great grandfather was Johan Michelsson (Jåfs), born January 20, 1815 in Kerklax, Bertby, Vöra, Finland. Died August 07, 1856 in Mustasaari.
Married Maria Beata Isaksdotter (Skarper) Smeds, born August 24, 1815 in Kärklax, Finland, died March 19, 1879 in Vörä.
1. Brita Lisa Johansdotter (Storm) Bert (or Bertils)
Born September 20, 1843, Vörä
Died September 25, 1905. Married Isak Jakobsson Åman (Södergård), born December 18, 1847 in Kvevlax. Died September 25, 1903.
Jakob Isaksson Södergård, born November 01, 1871 in Kärklax. Died April 06, 1957 in Kärklax. Married November 24, 1892 to Anna Brita Andersdotter Backman.
Maria Greta Isaksdotter Södergård, born May 11, 1873 in Kvevlax, Finland. Married Vilhelm Mårten Vilhelmsson Öling.
Hanna Fredrika Södergård, born May 31, 1876 in Kvevlax, died April 25, 1910 in USA. Married Erik Henriksson Backlund.
Johannes Isaksson Södergård, born March 28, 1883 in Kvevlax, died June 06, 1898.
(My records do not show a Beata Sofia born in 1873, but perhaps my records are not correct.
Do you think this family is part of your ancestry?)

06-01-06, 08:55

Next week I will look at the Curch Records and try to find Beata Sofia born in 1873.

I think, she is not from the same family as Hanna Fredrika.

Henrik Mangs

06-01-06, 18:49
I doubt it also, but you never know for sure untill all the information comes together. What I do know besides the information that was posted is she never received letters or cards from family members in finland, I thought this kind of strange, since my grandfather received several letters from his family in sweden. I thought well maybe he buried everything when she passed, but my mother has several letters from a friend of her mothers in New York. Maybe Sofia's family were all dead? My neice went to vori with a finnish friend she met in school , they both looked for Sofia there, found nothing. Tough puzzlle to find information on before trip to America. Have records here at the Lutheren Church in Marquette, but nothing to prove she was actually from Vori except her passport. That has been hard to translate because of language it is written in which i was told it looked like old Russian language? I want to Thank You
all again for helping me with our family's missing link. Marlene

Maybe I could find her through Maria Bertal, Bertil? or Isaac Sodergard ?

Karen Norwillo
20-05-06, 20:41
I went back to Ancestry and Ellis Island. Found arrival Sofia Sodergard, age 29, arrived 29 Nov 1902, single, servant, Finnish, going to brother-in-law M. Nordqvist Box 216 Marquette, MI.
1910 Census for Marquette shows a Michael Nordquist and wife Maria in 5th ward. Children Erich, Edla, Morgan and Gertrude. Could this Maria be Sofia's sister? Karen

21-05-06, 00:15
:D I am in shock! All information you listed on Sofia matches my dates on her. This is hopeful, the family has been searching for grandma Sofia's family for years, and to find some have been here for all this time, and in the same area that my mother was. Maria was Sofia's mothers name but could also have been her older sisters name. Makes sense to me. Now I need to connect all the dots. Is there a census between 1910 and 1920? Thank you Karen for your help I am so glad you are here to help people find their familes and roots, also to all who help with this.

Karen Norwillo
21-05-06, 20:39
No census taken between, taken every 10 years. Here are all the Södergårds on Migration Institute from Vörå.
Passport List:

Erik Simonsson Södergård, 1861, issued 8 May 1896, to Sweden
Johan, 1880, 14 May 1900, Sweden
Johannes, 1882, 4 Apr 1902, Amerikka
Mårten Wilhelm, 1875, 4 Oct 1899 and 11 Apr 1904, Amerikka
Passenger List:

Johannes to Gladstone, MI 1906
Erik to Crystal Falls, Gladstone and Bessemer, MI, several trips
Greta to Ironwood, MI
Herman to Menominee, MI

I only took notice to those going to MI. Many others went to other states. If any of these people are of interest, I will explore further.
Castle Garden shows these Sodergard arrivals:
Edla, 21, arrived 10 Jun 1889
Isaac, 18, same day
Henrik, 40, 20 Jan 1896


22-05-06, 00:12
Karen: The only names on that list that could be connected and maybe a long shot are Edla which is the same as Marie Nordquist daughters name? Maybe census mixed up mothers and daughter names? Also Issac which was Sofia's fathers name. I checked all of the papers i have on sofia looking for any Nordquist and found Anna Nordquist who stood up for Sofia and Axel at their wedding. I checked records from Ellis Island and found no record of a Micheal or Anna. There were several Marias but none seemed to match?