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03-01-06, 00:38
Hi Henrik, Thank-You for the information I do not know if they are the same person. On my grandmothers passport it states her as Beata Sofia Martino?tyta Sodergard. She was born 1873 but i am not sure where in Finland. She did leave from voyri or vora not sure of the spelling? Do you know if Hanna"s father name was Isaac Sodergard. I am so anxious to find out if this Hanna is possibly her sister, Thank-You again Marlene

03-01-06, 10:47
Södergård, Hanna Fredrika Isaksdotter.
Born 31/3 1876 in Maxmo, Kerklax.
Died 25/4 1910 in Michigan, USA.

Father Södergård, Isak Jakobsson.
Mother Bertils, Brita Lisa Johansdotter.
Born 20/9 1843 in Kovjoki Vörå.
Married to
Backlund, Erik Henriksson.
Born 7/12 1876 in Vörå, Koskeby (Vörå Kb 1870-80 p1/367).
Died 9/2 1958 in Michigan, USA. Father: Backlund (Dahlkar), Henrik Johansson.
Born 27/3 1849 in Vörå, Koskeby.
Died 31/5 1919 in Maxmo.
Nämnes i kyrkboken i Vörå som färgare. Yrket utövades även på den nya hemorten i Maxmo där han även var jordbrukare.
Moved 24/12 1881 from Vörå to Maxmo (Vörå Kb 1881-90 p2/612). Mother: Eklund, Lisa Johansdotter.
Born 6/9 1852 in Vörå, Jörala.
Died 17/10 1931 in Maxmo.
Children Backlund, Ida Elisabet Eriksdotter.
Born 10/5 1896 in Maxmo.
Died 1/1 1938.
Backlund, Emil Eriksson.
Born 6/5 1899 in Maxmo.

Henrik Mangs

Karen Monson
06-01-06, 02:22
The mother of Hanna Fredrika Isaksdotter, Brita Lisa Johansdotter Bertils, born September 20, 1843, died September 25, 1905 - was my great-grandfather's sister.
My great-grandfather was Johan Johansson Bert (Bertils), born Feburary 10, 1851, died January 22, 1915.

Do you have any more information regarding Hanna Fredrika Isaksdotter Södergård?
I only have her name listed, and birthdate.
Do you know where in Michigan she lived/died?
I have her father listed as Isak Jakobsson Åman, and a note that they changed the family name to Södergård.
Do you know anything more regarding Brita Lisa Johansdotter Bertils, or her siblings - Isak, born July 17, 1846, Maija Greta, born October 20, 1848, Maria born June 19, 1852, or Ulrika, born September 10, 1855? Ulrika immigrated to Ramsay, Michigan with her husband Simon (Dahl) Nordquist, and their son Victor, along with my paternal grandmother, Beata Sofia Johansdotter Storm.