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03-01-06, 17:24
found at: Swenson S 27-3 = Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)

5h Johan Wiitala Jan 1881 Alavus covered S 27-3

Probably not your guy but maybe. These are Swedish churches that I work from except for this one in Crystal Falls and the Finnish lang church in Champion.

5h=husband page 5, covered means that a clipping of newspaper (in old Finnish) had been pasted over that column:(

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Chuck Mäki:p

04-01-06, 20:52
Hey Chuck,
What was the time period this record is from? I've been searching for a John Wiitala who was in Iron County, WI that might be my grandmother's brother. Just curious...

04-01-06, 22:25
I will return to Swenson tomorrow and get you a fotocopy - I just got back right now and they close in half an hour.


June Pelo
05-01-06, 02:05

It's good to see your smiling face with us again. We've missed you.

June :)

05-01-06, 15:26
Any chance your Viitala changed the name into White?
I have Anna Lisa Östlund b 1879 in Vörå, married in America to Wäinö Waldemar Wiitala (White). Son Erik born 1904 (somewhere) and Violet b 1906 in Ishpeming. Can you find that family for me?

05-01-06, 22:31
Hej Kev,
PM me your postal addy and I'll send you the 2 fotocopies.

I can remember, vaguely, Wiitala's on the end of 2nd street in North Lake but that was maybe in 1949.


07-01-06, 02:11
Originally posted by June Pelo

It's good to see your smiling face with us again. We've missed you.

June :)

Hi June!
Thanks for that! I've been lurking and doing my Moderator duties (occasionally). My photography business has been taking up a lot of time and I haven't really done much with my genealogy. I figured I'd let it lie until more records become available online. Just saw this posting and figured why not ask....you never know. ;)

07-01-06, 02:25
Here's what I know of the Johan Wiitala I'm searching.

On my grandfather's ship arrival record it states he's going to his "brother-in-law, Johan Wiitala, L Box 117, Iron Belt, Wisc". This was in 1906.

I found a John Wiitala in the 1920 census in Kimball Township, Iron Co, WI who was aged 40. My grandmother's brother, Johan, was born in 1879 so it's a possible match. I found a Johan Wiitala, age 21, departing for Eveleth, MN in 1901 on the Migration Institute ship record but no parish was listed for him so it could be him or not.

I have a date of death listed for him of July 18, 1936 (source: Jim Himanga). He had no other details about him.

In the 1910 census, John is listed with wife, Alma and daughter Elma E who is just over 2 yrs old and born in Michigan. Iron County Wisc is on the Wisconsin/Michigan border.

My father's oldest sister, who immigrated from Finland (she's still alive and will be 100 this year) doesn't remember this Johan. My father's older brother's wife doesn't remember him and my father doesn't remember him (he was born 1919). No one seems to know anything about this uncle, although all these records show he existed. I would've thought surely they would have known about this close relative from Finland and met him. The area isn't that big. Maybe they had a falling out or something but I can't confirm anything with anyone still alive.

So, I thought I'd take a stab in the dark with Chuck's posting. :)

07-01-06, 02:28
Now re-reading your original post, I see he was from Alavus. So it's probably not the one I'm after anyway. My Johan was born in Lohtaja.

07-01-06, 04:12
Well, you will get the opportunity to see entries by Rev Hoikka.

I recognize his handwriting everywhere. I've been into different church films and was surprised to see him there.

I will update the corrections I am doing to include the state along with the county designation.