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09-01-06, 18:13

Michael R. Bloomberg became New York's 108th mayor on 1 January 2002. He was born on 14 February 1942 in Medford, Massachusetts, where his father was the book keeper at a local dairy.

It feels to me, that his family had come from Scandinavia once. Does anyone know?

Skulle vara intressant att veta.


June Pelo
10-01-06, 00:33
You can read about him here:



11-01-06, 09:39
Here is mr. Bloomberg's text.

"Am I glad to be born a Jew? I never even thought about it in that
context," Mr. Bloomberg told the Forward in a recent interview at his
midtown campaign headquarters. "You are what you are. Would I like to be
six foot tall and able to throw a football like John Elway? Sure, I would
like that."
By all accounts, Mr. Bloomberg's ambivalence places him well within the
mainstream of American Jews. Yet Mr. Bloomberg is running for mayor of New
York. In a city known for its ethnic tribalism, the issue raises a vexing
question: Can a Jewish candidate who doesn't know what to make of his own
identity win voters' hearts?
"Michael Bloomberg has to present himself as a Jewish candidate.

Now we know that.

Karen Norwillo
11-01-06, 17:44
Looking on Ancestry, I found that most Bloomberg's gave their homeland as Russia. Karen