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June Pelo
15-01-06, 23:13
I have a request for help as follows:

Hilma Keiski born 9.9.1880 in Lohtaja Finland, came to US in 1903. Her passenger record denotes her final US destination is Ironwood, MI, to see Kalle Keiski. Although her record denotes he is her brother, we are not sure if this is accurate, as there is no indication (from what little info we have!) that she had a brother named Kalle.

After Hilma arrived in the US, at some point she married a man (name unknown) and had one or two children. However, we believe all died. In about 1910, she married Matti Wahamaki (parents unknown), and had several children, all of which we have info on. After first immigrating to Ironwood, MI, later they moved to the Superior, WI area, where they lived until WWII. I only find one Matti Wahamaki in Michigan census records, and that is in 1910 with Hilma. I believe Matti worked at the Dupont factory.

We'd appreciate any information.


Karen Norwillo
16-01-06, 00:58
On the Migration Institute there are several referrences to Keiski.
Hilma Elina Keiski born 1897, passport 6.6.1903. Holder of passport mother, Alexandra Mattsdotter. On the Passport list is Alexandra, passport issued same day, along with children Helmi Lydia 1895, Hilda Maria 1896, Hilma Elina 1897 and Jenny Vilhelmina 1901. It looks like another Hilma on the passenger list. Hilma Keiski, 20, Ironwood, MI. 30.09.1903 Arcturus, 06.10.1903 Saxonia. Also found, Karl Johansson Keiski, 1875, passport 08.06.1899, bottom says with mother. Passenger list has Kalle Keiski 24, to Houghton, MI, 10.06.1899 Astraea, ? Dominion Line from England. So if Kalle was born in 1875, maybe he is a brother. Karen

Karen Norwillo
16-01-06, 01:17
I found the Keiski family, Alexandra and children arriving Ellis Island SS Teutonic from Liverpool 24.6.1903, says going to husband Herman Måki in Hanna, Wyoming. There is also an Edith Keiskander going to husband Anders same place. No arrival for the Hilma that was 20 yrs. old. Karen

16-01-06, 03:22
Finns at Bethesda Swedish-Finn Lutheran

7 Tast, Karl Johan Leandersson Sep 28 1875 Nedervetil Apr 5 1902 em 1898 fr Michigan 1901

As I said, a real long shot. The only criteria I used was the 1875 birthyear and given names of Karl Johan. No parish listed forme so he's here - kinda like buying a lotto ticket where the odds are only 300,000,000 to 1 against me:)

16-01-06, 06:55
In the Gogebic Range City Directories http://mattsonworks.com/index.htmlrow1col2=indexrow1col2.html
Ironwood Michigan 1912 Directory
Wahamski, Matt---miner, res 213 Pine
(Later directories also showed the name of the wife in brackets)

I didn't find any Keiski lots of Keskey, Keski, Koski no Kalle K.

There is a listing for the Sunset Acres Cemetery at the site however all burials appear to be later than the 1970's.

On the 1910 census index I found a Charles Keski close in age.
The only listings for Keiski were for Fritz 34 and Richard 38 both in New Astoria, Clatsop County, OR.
Index lists Heads of household only.


June Pelo
16-01-06, 17:44
Thanks, Jeanette. It's a help and I'll pass it on.


William Dahlin
16-01-06, 18:06
Hi June,

1910 Census Gogeic, Mich

Matti Wahamaki
Age 21 or 27
B. Finland
To usa 1901
Laborer-Water Works

Hilma wife
Age 26 = b. 1884
3 children 1 living
B. Finland
To usa l1904

Uuno M. son
Age 0/12
B. Mich

Uuno Wahamaki
b. 19 Sept 1911
d. Jan 1974

Hilda M. Wahamaki
b. 14 Jun 1885
d. 28 Oct 1971
Wixom Oakland, Mich

Matt Wahamaki
Wasburn Bay Wisc
b. May 8 1882
Age 36
Wife Hilma
Truckman in Fire Co.
Co. Dupon Pwd Co.

1920 Census Bayfield Wisc

Matt Wahamaki
Age 37 = b. 1883
To usa 1900
B. Finland
F&M fr Finland

Hilda wife
age 36 = b. 1884
To usa 1905
B. Finland
F&M fr Finland

Matt Jr. son age 9 b. Mich
Lydia dau age 8 b. Mich
Linda dau age 7 b. Mich
Martha dau age 5 b. Mich
Mary dau age 4 b. Mich
Violet dau age 2 b. Wisc

June Pelo
16-01-06, 22:02
Hi Bill,

That looks like the correct family. I'll send it on. Thanks a lot.


18-01-06, 21:02
The following information is from Uuno Huhtala's book about Kälviä immigrants Kälviän siirtolaiset 1853-1939

Keiski, Hilma Sofia b. Nov 28, 1882 in Kälviä
migr. 1903 d 1955
no other information available

Keiski, Kalle Fredrik b May 4, 1875 in Kälviä
migr. in June 1899, returned to Finland in 1906 and lived probably in Kannus.

Keiski, Ida Johanna b Dec 18, 1878 in Kälviä
migr. 1904 married 1906
no other information available

father: Juho Jaakko Kallenpoika Keiski, b May 19, 1848, d Febr 28, 1886 in Kälviä, mother: Eva Maria Kallentytär Suikkola, b Nov 28, 1846 in Kannus, moved to Kannus in 1900.
Until 1906 the Keiski family belonged to Lohtaja parish, though they lived in Kälviä.


June Pelo
19-01-06, 01:30
Thanks, Helen. Every bit of information helps.


June Pelo
19-01-06, 17:17

I sent you a private message about this - would you please check your mail.



19-01-06, 20:19
There are several Keiski families in Kälviä and most likely there are at least two different persons named Hilma Keiski.

According to Uuno Huhtala (Kälviän siirtolaiset) Rikhard Keiski (b. March 22, 1872, parents Josef Matinpoika Riippa and Lovisa Matintytär Maunumäki, migr. 1903) married Hilma Sofia Keiskander in 1906 in Astoria, Oregon.

Hilma Sofia Keiskander was born in Lohtaja, Finland. Rikhard, Hilma and their son Reino Rikhard returned to Finland in 1908, first to Kälviä and in 1913 to Lohtaja.

- Helen -

20-01-06, 07:06
Thanks to all of you who kindly responded to my query, posted via June. Thanks also to June for all her help!

It appears there were a number of women name Hilma Keiski from Kalvia in a period ranging from 1874 through 1899 +/-.
After input from this board and other sources, I am fairly certain that our Hilma Keiski was born in about November of 1882, immigrated to the US in 1903, and died in the US in 1955. If we have the right Hilma, she did have a brother named Kalle, as listed on her US immigration intake form.

I just received her US death cert, but unfortunately, it does not provide her mother or father's name and Keiski is spelled Keiske. I believe her oldest son was the informant on her death cert, and as with all her children, they knew almost nothing about her life in Finland.

As was posted earlier, I believe this information is Hilma Keiski is my husband's grandmother. If anyone has any ideas on how to verify or augment this info, please post, as we would much appreciate it!
The following information is from Uuno Huhtala's book about Kälviä
immigrants Kälviän siirtolaiset 1853-1939 Keiski, Hilma Sofia b. Nov 28,
1882 in Kälviä migr. 1903 d 1955 no other information available Brother:
Keiski, Kalle Fredrik b May 4, 1875 in Kälviä migr. in June 1899, returned
to Finland in 1906 and lived probably in Kannus.

Thanks again for everyone's assistance!
PS We may go to Finland later this year. If you have any pointers, hints, ideas of what archives, parish records, etc. we should try to see while in Helsinki and in the Kalvia area, please let us know!