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June Pelo
26-01-06, 00:44
I guess this is the grand finale to the Swan story. Sven just received an e-mail from someone who found the missing Swan family data in the 1910 census:

"Einar's dad John Swan was not found in the 1910 Census, perhaps because he was misidentified by the census enumerator. He may be the "William
Schwann" listed in the 8th ward of Cleveland OH in 1910, (T624 roll 1168, pg. 284, enumerated 25 Apr. 1910). "William," age 32, a builder, and wife Edla, 33, both from Finland, are listed with children Ellen, 8, Ena, 7, Eno, 5, and John, 12 twelfths, all born in Ohio [sic?]. Listed as a roomer in the home on Detroit Avenue is Francis Vinecourt, 49, of New York. Another family at the same address seems to be headed by Nulo & Lena
(Schwann?)...hard to decipher the handwriting."

I guess we'll never know why he was referred to as William when his name was John Matthew, but this appears to be the correct family because the names and ages of the children agree. And we know that they took Einar to Cleveland to study music under a master musician there.

BTW, I sent the SFHS URL for the Einar Swan story to my cousin who is a counsellor for the Ministry of Education and Culture in Helsinki. He provided some expertise in finding data from the Migration Institute about the Swan family and he is happy to read the final result.