View Full Version : Keiski frm Kalvia/Wahamaki frm Lapua- part deux!

28-01-06, 01:46
Thanks to kind folks on this and other lists, we have been able to finally ascertain which of the at least 4 Hilma Keiskis who lived between 1874 and 1885 was my husband's grandmother.

We were alerted that "our" Hilma Keiski's family is mentioned in the book ”Juuret Kälviällä Autonomian aika 1809-1917” by Uuno Huhtala page 720:

Juho Jaakko Keiski b.19.5.1848 d.28.2.1886
spouse Eva Maria Suikkola b.28.11.1846 Kannus move 9.12.1900 Kannus
married 7.6.1874 Lohtaja
Kalle Fredrik b.4.5.1875 move 1899 USA
Maija Josefina b.17.12.1876 move 24.10.1893 Oulu
Ida Johanna b.18.12.1878 move 1904 USA
Juho Viljami b.25.11.1880 move 24.10.1898 Oulu
Hilma Sofia b.28.11.1882 d.10.4.1955 move 1903 USA *******
Eemeli b.3.7.1884 move 21.10.1908 Oulu

We also have figured out that this Matti Wahamaki was my husband's grandfather's family:

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

1.5.1874 3.5.1874 Haapk. å Kero Torp. Josef Josefss. Wähämäki h:ru Kaisa Johan Josef

17.3.1877 18.3.1877 Kero torp. Johan Josefsson Wähämäki h. Kaisa Maria Amanda

20.7.1879 20.7.1879 Kero Torp. Johan Josefss: Wähämäki h:u Kaisa Jakob

8.5.1882 10.5.1882 Keron torp. Juha Josepinpoika Wähämäki vaimo Sanna Kaisa Juhantytär Matti

13.3.1887 16.3.1887 Keron Torp. Juha Joosepinp. Wähämäki v. Kaisa Juhantyt. Oskari

6.6.1890 8.6.1890 Keron torp. Juha Joosepinp. Vähämäki v. Sanna Kaisa Juhant. Kustaa Emil

If anyone has any additional inf on the above people, we would greatly appreciate it. Also, as we hope to visit Finland later this year, we would appreciate information on Kalvia and Lapua. If you know where cemeteries or church records are in those cities, we would appreciate it. We also hope to connect with English speaking people in that area so we can communicate with relatives still living in those towns.

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to help us out!