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31-01-06, 16:23

Emil was born 1865-12-05 in Pielavesi, surname then Saastamoinen. He changed his surname to Alttius abt 1893.

He emmigrated to the U.S in the beginning of 1900:s

I think he lived in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Seraching for his death date/place and any other family information from
U.S census etc..

William Dahlin
31-01-06, 17:44
1920 Census Marquette Michigan

Emil Altius
b. Finland F&M from Finland
Loggger-Steam Rail Road
No age listed

1930 census age 60 so 1920 he would have been age 50.

1930 Census Ashtabula, Ohio

Emil Altius
b. abt 1870
USA 1907
Age 60
Age at lst marriage 56
b. Finland

Alina wife
age 41
USA 1901
Age at lst marriage 41

Allinda Esko Mother-in-Law
age 74
b. Finland
USA 1901
Housework-Private Home

Alina Alttius
b. 6 Sep 1884
d. Nov 1963

Will see if I can find Emil's death records.

02-02-06, 08:54
Thank you very much William,

Is there any death records on Emil?
When and where did Emil and Alina got married?