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01-02-06, 04:13
I recently found evidence of my great-grandfather's brother, who came from Vörå in 1910 (leaving his wife and 2 children in Finland). I have seen his name in several places, with the following spellings: Vicktor, Viktor, Victor.

His death certificate, issued in Utah, lists his name as Vicktor Augost Holms, and that of his wife, Greta Lovisa Holms. He died in 1924, a resident of Park City, Utah. He was a miner. A WWI Draft Registration Card incorrectly lists his birth year as 1896, but it is definitely him, as the listed age is correct

Despite much searching, I have been unable to find record of her, nor their children, here in the US, and I don't know whether the children also came to the US. Can someone offer some insight or data?


01-02-06, 07:52
I found her on a Pedigree CD from the Latter Day Saints:

Greta Lovisa Johansdotter Klärk
Born: 4 Nov. 1887 in Vörå
Married: 9 March 1907 in Vörå
Died: 24 July 1932 in Vörå

Someone on TALKO erroneously has Greta Lovisa married to another Viktor A. (Albert) Holms, who is my grandfather's brother, born 10 June 1904, in Bingham Canyon, UT. Clearly, she could not have married Viktor Albert in 1904 -- he would have been too young! Viktor A. (August) Holms was her husband. Interesting, he was Viktor Albert's uncle!!

Anyway, I don't know how to find their children now...


01-02-06, 07:56
Holms, Viktor August Johansson.
Born 24/12 1886 in Myrbergsby, Vörå.
Died 20/2 1924 in USA.

Father Hägglöf (Holms), Johan Hermansson.
Dräng, senare landbonde på Klockarbohlet, bonde på Holms.
Born 30/7 1858 in Koskeby, Vörå.
Died 12/11 1907 in Rökiö.
Kallad Holms Janne.
Mother Nyberg, Ulrika Eriksdotter.
Born 12/12 1854 in Oravais, Kimo bruk.
Died 29/5 1934 in Rökiö.
Married 9/3 1907 to
Klärck, Greta Lovisa Johansdotter.
Born 4/11 1887 in Rökiö.
Died 24/7 1932 in Rökiö. Father: Klärk, Johan Johansson.
Born 14/3 1866 in Rökiö, Vörå (og).
Till Amerika 1899. Mother: Kock, Anna Johansdotter.
Born 14/2 1863 in Kvefvlax (og).
Died 17/1 1901 in Amerika (og).
Children Holms, Johannes Gunnar.
Born 4/11 1907 in Rökiö, Vörå.
Died 4/1 1912 in Vörå.
Holms, Viktor Lennart.
Born 19/5 1909 in Rökiö, Vörå.
Died 7/9 1939 in Replot. Married 3/7 1937 to Nybacka, Hilda Irene.
Born 11/8 1903 in Replot.
Died 30/9 1985 in Replot.
Holms, Sanfrid.
Born 20/10 1910 in Rökiö, Vörå.
Died 24/2 1912 in Vörå.

Henrik Mangs

02-02-06, 04:20
That was quick -- thank you, Henrik, for finding another one of the missing pieces to my family puzzle.