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08-02-06, 22:51
Hi all,

I recently added a "picture gallery" to the SFHS palette of services. Finlander members can upon request gain access to the uploading and commenting features.

The gallery will be used as a framework for exhibitions but can also be used as a place where picture mysteries can be presented for the public. Thus I have copied most of the current "recognize the picture" -pictures to the gallery.

You can find the link to the gallery via the SFHS portal page at http://sfhs.eget.net/portal

Commenting and picture adding needs a registration. A registration need to be approved by me before it gets active.

No copyrighted pictures are allowed! No marketing pictures. No adult material. No adverts. Persons trying to upload offensive material will be excluded per direct!

Otherwise - take a look! June's pictures from Nedervetil is there now. The church picture exhibit over Ostrobothnian churches is there and as said - the mystery pictures.

So - have fun - and remember, if you aren't member of the SFHS yet -- now is the time. Click the signature below for the information how.

26-04-07, 22:50
I would like to register to access the Picture Gallery. Would you let me know how?

When I click on the link on the portal page, I get the message, Access Forbidden.

Karen Norwillo
27-04-07, 16:03
I am a member of SFHS, but still get the Fobidden message also. Do I have to register with you to view the picture gallery? Karen

27-04-07, 16:29
Sorry for not answering before.

The gallery is still closed since I have to reorganize the sw to cope with a security hole found in it.


06-05-07, 18:23
... is now opened again. Hopefully we can keep the intruders away this time