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16-02-06, 02:15
A query came from Sweden regarding relatives born in Malax Finland who emigrated in 1902 and 03 to the US: Erik Wilhelm Röj, born 17 Feb 1877 died about feb 1949, and brother Mathias Röj (no birth information). She would like to contact any living descendents.

According to Ellis Island, they both entered New York, William went to Gardner MA and Mathias went to Getchel WA. William shows up on the census with 5 children, Eric S. born ca 1913, Ragnar ca 1915, Gertie O.. ca 1919, Edmund 1922, Lawrence 1925. I'm not having any luck with Internet white pages, so I turn to you Finlanders who may have connections in Massachusetts, particularly Gardner. I've also dead ended on Mathias. Getchel was once a lumber town, and who knows what happened to him there.

Appreciate any help.

Karen Norwillo
16-02-06, 19:10
I found a Mathias Raj, age 18, entering the port of Boston June 1902 on the Ultonia going to cousin Isak Raj 105 Coleman St Gardner, MA. On Migration Institute this Mathias Röj left Finland 17.05.1902 for Gardner, MA. If this is him, birth would be abt 1884. Karen

20-02-06, 04:22
Escellent! I believe this is him!

20-02-06, 04:30
Here's a photo from the Swedish relative searching for the Röj family in the US. It evidently came from the US of the William Roy family, living in Gardner MA.

20-02-06, 11:48
Hi Syrene,
On the index to 1910 census at the Secretary of State WA site there is a Matt listed in Hadlock Pct, Jefferson County, WA.
Last Name: Roy First Name: Matt Age: 38
Birthplace: Finland
County: Jefferson Precinct: Hadlock
Enumeration District: 100 Page Number: 106A Line Number: 3
Could this be Mathias?
All Roy listings born Finland


Elaine Goren
20-02-06, 18:19
I don't know of any Röjs in the USA but
I'm wondering if there is any connection here. I have Eric Markusson Röj born 1604 in Overmalax, Malax.

Daughter Wallborg Ericsdotter Röj born April 1622 in O Malax, married Henrich Gabrielsson born abt 1622;

son Simon Henrichsson Röj b Oct. 1641 in O Malax married Beata Markusdotter b abt 1641;

son Marthen Simonsson Röj b Nov. 1675 in O Malax married Lisa Mattsdotter b abt 1675;

son Matts Martensson Röj b 24 Feb. 1703 in O Malax married Maria Joransdotter b abt 1703;

daughter Beata Mattsdotter Röj b 13 Feb. 1724 in O Malax married Mathias Michelsson Storm Gastgifvars b 18 Feb. in O Malax;

daughter Beata Mattsdotter Gastgifvars b 18 Feb. 1756 in O Malax married Jonas Mattsson Fahlur Styris b 21 August 1755 in O Malax;

son Mathias Jonasson Styris b 10 Nov. 1780 in O Malax married Anna Beata Ericsdotter b abt 1780;

daughte Anna Beata Mattsdotter Styris b 6 April 1805 in O Malax married Johan Israel Mariasson Elgström b 7 May 1805 in O Malax;

daughter Lovisa Johan Israelsdotter Elgström/Elg b 25 Sept 1832 at Styris farm in O Malax.

Lovisa was my ggrandmother.

Regards, Elaine

Karen Norwillo
21-02-06, 01:10
I found alot of info on that Isak Roy that Mathias said he was going to in Gardner. He was a Baptist minister in both Gardner and Bronx, NY. I found him on the 1910,1920 and 1930 census along with his wife Vendla. Says they came to US from Finland in 1900.On his WWI Draft Reg, his DOB is 26 Sep 1874 and address at the time is 590 E.141st St in Bronx. He is missing the tip of his "last finger of left hand," In 1910 in Gardner, a few lines above his entry, is Roy, William, a boarder, 31, single, Finn, US 1905. In 1920, Isak is in NY. 1930, he's back in Gardner. A few lines above him are Roy, John, 52, married at 34, Finn, US 1896, machinist chair factory. Wife Olivia, 44, Finn, US 1909. Daughter Esther, 18, MA. Nephew Gardner Mattson, 6, NY. Gardner is the boy's first name. On this census, Isak is listed as Isak Mattson Roy. He is a Baptist clergyman of the Swede/Finn Baptist Church. According to some articles I found, Isak and Vendla were among the first members of the Bethel Baptist Church in Worcester. Isak attended Swedish Baptist Seminary in Morgan Park, Chicago and became the first pastor of the new church in W. Gardner, MA in 1908, now Calvary Baptist. He was their longest serving pastor, 15 years, according to a 1951 article. Another name found in that article was a Maria Rosenlund. It was her house that William Roy boarded at in 1910. Karen

21-02-06, 11:06
As far as I can see, there is a connection between you and the Röj brothers.
Five generations back you find
Matts Mårtensson Röj who married Maria Jöransdotter in 1722.
son Jonas Mattsson Röj born 1727
son Jonas Jonasson Röj born 1759
son Matts Jonasson Röj born 1800
daughter Johanna Mattsdotter Röj born 1840.
I have got an ANTAVLA for the Röj brothers from Malax. There was no information about brothers or sisters of Jonas Röj, born 1727, but his parents seem to be the same as your Matts and Maria.

21-02-06, 17:18
Does somebody know how Erik Mattsson Röj and Maria Markusdotter were connected with the Röj family. They had children in Malax 1724-28, maybe 1722 with surname Udd too. I think they lived later in Pått, Solf .


June Pelo
21-02-06, 18:02
I can't supply any answers to questions, but wanted to say there were a number of marriages between the Gullman and Röj families in the 1700s and early 1800s in Malax. I've seen queries about both families recently on Finlander.


Elaine Goren
21-02-06, 21:07
Thanks for the additional information! Do you know where/when Maria Jöransdotter was born?
Regards, Elaine

Elaine Goren
21-02-06, 21:12
Sorry, but I don't have a clue!
Regards, Elaine

Karen Norwillo
22-02-06, 18:02
Here's Mathias and William from the WWI Draft Registration in Gardner, Worcester, MA.

Mattias Roy
32 Yale St. Gardner, Worcester, MA
10 Feb 1884 age 35 Finland
nearest relative: William Roy same address

Wilhelm Roy
32 Yale St. Gardner
17 Feb 1877 age 41 Finland
chairmaker looks like Gaywood Bros.
nearest rel: Josefina Roy same address

1920 Census, 79 Harvard St Gardner

Roy, William, 41, notice same age as 1918 Draft, laborer chair shop
Josephine, 38, Finn
Eric, 6, born MA
Roland, 4 4/12, MA
Doris, 10/12, MA

1920, 67 Main St Gardner

Roy, Mats, roomer, 36, single, Finn, US 1902, AL, looks like either baker or barber??

1930 Harvard St, Gardner, family rents for $20

William E, 52, Finn, married at 32, painter SNE Mfg
Josephine, 49, Finn, married at 29
Eric S, 17, MA, painter, same place
Raugner R, 15, MA, painter, same place, I guess this is Roland
Gardie O, 11, MA. this birth date would match the Doris from 1920
Edmond, 9, MA
Lawrence, 4 5/12, MA

Couldn't find Mathias in 1930 as yet.

27-02-06, 04:53
for all this information. I've encouraged the Swedish person who sent us the query to join Finlander. I'll send her an email with all this material, and see if she comes on board.
Thanks again for all your investigating!

Gunnel S
27-02-06, 15:53
Röj Matts Mårtensson, f. 24.2.1703 i Malax, d. 20.5.1761

Dahla Maria Jöransdotter, f. 28.2.1698 i Malax, d. 18.1.1777

Simon Mattsson, f. 17.11.1722, d. 2.2.1724

Beata Mattsdotter, f. 13.2.1724, d. 24.1.1784

Jonas Mattsson, f.23.6.1727, d. 15.11.1807

Matts Mattsson, f. 29.3.1732, d. 18.4.1746

Simon Mattsson, f. 1.11.1736, d. 13.11.1736

Elisabeth Mattsdotter, f. 11.3.1738


Gunnel S
27-02-06, 16:04
Röj Johanna Mattsdotter, f.14.8.1840 i Malax

Fiskars Johan Isaksson, f.19.2.1844 i Malax

Röj Johan Johansson, f.23.12.1869

Röj Mathias Johansson, f.25.9.1872, d. 25.2.1876

Röj Erik Wilhelm Johansson, f. 24.3.1875, d. 22.3.1876

Röj Erik Wilhelm Johansson, f. 17.2.1877

Röj Jonas Edvard Johansson, f. 28.11.1880

Röj Mathias Johansson, f. 10.2.1884


01-03-06, 16:59
She's very gratefull for all the info. Elaine, yes she agrees that you two are related as you pointed out. "någon i Elaines släkttavla fanns i min. När jag tittade efter igen såg jag att Matts Mårtensson och Maria Göransdr finns med i min släkt bakåt. MVH IngaLill Ek"
She is trying to register on Finlander, but there's a mechanical problem. Hasse is working to clear it up, then she will join us.

"Jag har fått mailen från dig och vissa av de nämnda personerna är släktingar till mig. Ex den Mathias och William som Karen Norwillo hade hittat. Johan Johansson som Gunnel nämner, f 23.12 1869, var min farfar.
Jag har nu dessutom namnen på Williams barn vilket jag inte känt till tidigare. Hoppas nu bara att någon känner till vad dessa barn tog vägen så att jag ev kan få kontakt med deras barn, mina tremänningar. Mvh IngaLill PS Tack för din hjälp!"

This gives me a few names that I can try to telephone. Perhaps a connection may be made in that way.
Thanks again,

Elaine Goren
01-03-06, 21:23
Thank you so much for all this new information! I really appreciate it.