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16-02-06, 16:18
I have been busy putting in data to my database and I found in S&B nr 37 that Ines Kass mentioned about Jacob Skruf in Pedersöre. He was supposed to be the first Skruf in Pedersöre sometimes after 1660.

I have tried to search in Talko Genalogy but it seems that no one has any information about this Jacob Skruf and the first generations after him. It would be interesting to find him as an ancestor.

Has anybody more information to share about him?

Christian Dahlin

June Pelo
16-02-06, 19:56

According to "Befolkning i Jakobstad", there was a Jacob Skruff married to Anna Dorothea von Petzoldt and they had a daughter Margareta Elisabet who married Johan Olofsson Lund, b. 1688 in Vasa. He was taken prisoner at Viborg 1710, escaped and in 1718 became officer in Jämtlands regiment.


16-02-06, 20:15
Yes, this is the information that Ines Kass has given. My "earliest" Skruf was born ab. 1705 so they could be grandchildren of Jacob Skruf, but I don't know sure. Hiski doesn't take me so long back in time.

By the way, thanks June for being helpful with Hiski. It's working fine! I have been able to combine many branches in my database thanks to this. It only seems that the work will never end!

I only hope that there could be more information in it.


Jaska Sarell
16-02-06, 23:39
Just looked at the snapshots I've taken from Pedersöre mantalslängder.
These could be found in "Bännääs" from some years that I have copied:
In 1698: "Majoren Skrufs dr Margetha"
In 1702: "Inh. Jacob Räfs hust i Major Jacob Schrufs"
In 1700 or 1704 no reference.

The soldiers themselves are not listed, as they didn't pay tax :(
Maybe he left only his name in Bennäs :confused:

:) Jaska

17-02-06, 12:23
I have read the whole story of Ines Kass and it seems that he was a very special man, many times in trouble with the other people in Pedersöre. Perhaps it's best if he only left his name in Pedersöre, his way of behaving wasn't very good anyhow.:rolleyes:

17-02-06, 15:13
Skruf is a farm in Bennäs village in Pedersöre. My grandmother was born there and her ancestors are known by he Skruf name. I am presently at my jobsite, but I will look in the data I have during the weekend if I can find something. No guarantee though …


17-02-06, 20:32
The oldest Skruf I have is Jacob Jacobsson, born 1712, dead January 3rd 1790, "Bonde på 5/28 mantal".

His son was Jacob Jacobsson, born October 22nd 1748, dead 1798.

Not much help I'm afaid.


17-02-06, 21:03
I have the same man in my database, and I also have his father, gf and ggf, but it looks like they have been born at Kristola and Katt farms in the same village, not at the Skruf farm.

Sune, please take a look at your private messages!

04-09-09, 18:09
The name skruf came from Major Jacob Schruff, from the Kungliga österbottens regemente, who received the land in 1671 after it had been in use by several farmers since the 1640's when Daniel Hindersson was 'thrown' out from his land due to unknown reasons. Information from "Bennäs - folk och historia fram till 1970-talet"