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June Pelo
24-02-06, 21:47
I'm working with someone who is trying to find when and where a relative arrived in the US. He was born as Matts Reinhold Carlsson (or Carl-Gustafsson) Wistbacka, b. 27 Apr 1865, Terjärv. We think he emigrated in 1886 but haven't found his name anywhere. He called himself Matts Gustafson in the US but sometimes used the name Reinhold. He had a brother Johan Victor, b. 1866, and a sister Ida Sofia, b. 1869 who also emigrated ca 1888. Karl married in the US 1893 and also used the name Timmerbacka. Would appreciate any help or suggestions.


Karen Norwillo
26-02-06, 01:17
Not sure if these are the people, but found both a Matts R Karlsson and a Johan V Karlsson arriving Castle Garden 4 June 1888 on the SS Arizona. Matts is 22, a painter and Johan is 19. Originated Finland.
Found an Ida S Gustafson arriving Aug 1888 SS Thingvalla. She is 20. Karen

William Dahlin
26-02-06, 17:01
1920 Census Waterford New London Conn.

Erick W. Gustafson
age 53
usa 1890
b. sweden
Paper Making - Paper Mill

Ida S. wife
age 51 b. sweden abt 1869
usa 1888

Edwin L
age 18
Machine shop

1930 Census New London Conn

Ida S. Gustafson
age 61 b. abt 1869
usa 1888

Edwin L son
age 28
b. New York
Drafsman - Printing Press Co.

Anna A dau-in-law
age 36
b. Conn
Stenographer - Printing Press Co.

Harold T Grandson
age 8
b. Conn

Richard L. Grandson
age 7
b. conn

Only clue is 1888 to usa and b. about 1869. No luck yet on
Matts or John

William Dahlin
26-02-06, 17:23
Come up with some Carl Gustafson who came to usa 1888.

Any information as to what state he may have gone to. Come up with many Gustafson's but would need more clue's. Married, children, wife's name etc.

Carl August Gustafson b. 3 Mar 1865 Sweden
M 1886 Minnesota

Married Johanna Lampe b. Nov 1868-Norway

8 children

June Pelo
26-02-06, 19:13
Karen, That's a very close match and possibly is the right family. And Bill, I'll see if I can find out more. Thanks to both of you. I'm sure there must be thousands of Gustafsons!


Art Fors
08-11-06, 05:56
Hello June,

This information may be a little late coming but I think I have found a match for Matts Reinhold Carlsson Wistbacka born 27 Apr 1865 in Terjärv.

1900 United States Federal Census > Utah > Salt Lake > Bingham > District 58

Name: Mattias Gustafson
Home in 1900: Bingham, Salt Lake, Utah
Age: 35
Birthday Month/Year: Apr 1865
Birthplace: Finland
Father's Birthplace: Finland
Mother's Birthplace: Finland
Relationship to head-of-house: Boarder
Race: White
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Copper ore miner
Immigration Year: 1891

1910 United States Federal Census > Utah > Juab > Eureka > District 55

Name: Matt Gustafson
Age in 1910: 44
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1866
Birthplace: Finland
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Finland
Mother's Birth Place: Finland
Spouse's name: Jennie
Home in 1910: Eureka, Juab, Utah
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Year of Immigration: 1891
Household Members: Name/Age
Matt Gustafson 44
Jennie Gustafson 26
Roy Gustafson 4
Carl M Gustafson 3

1900 United States Federal Census > Utah > Juab > Eureka > District 102

Name: Mathew ((Simell) Small
Home in 1900: Eureka, Juab, Utah
Age: 47
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1853
Birthplace: Finland
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Spouse's name: Ida
Number of years married: 13
Race: White
Occupation: Boarding house keeper
Immigration Year: 1887
Household Members: Name/Age
Mathew (Simell) Small 47
Ida (Simell) Small 31
Alex (Simell) Small 22
Theodore (Simell) Small 8
Hilda (Simell) Small 5
Eris Erickson 29
Halmer Hermanson 33
John Jackson 27
Charles Hendrickson 28
Issac Isacson 28
Erie Brown 30
Andrews Johnson 24
Mathew Lowry 30
John Rex 20
Alfred Nelson 22
Jacob Kraft 34
John Linquist 25
John Sutherland 46
Edward Harro 33
John Mort 29
Mathew Johnson 23
John Matson 27
Herman Carlson 25
William Johnson 23
Isaac West 23

Name: Ida (Simell) Small
Home in 1900: Eureka, Juab, Utah
Age: 31
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1869
Birthplace: Finland
Relationship to head-of-house: Wife
Spouse's name: Mathew
Race: White
Occupation: None
Immigration Year: 1887

Ida Simell (Ida Sofia Carlsdr Wistbacka born 16 May 1869 in Terjärv) is Matts Reinhold Carlsson Wistbacka's younger sister who moved from Eureka, Utah with her husband, (Matts Johansson Simell-Simonsbacka born 29-04-1952 in Nedervetil) and family to Mt. Vernon, Skagit Co., Washington after 1904.

I have the descendants of Matts and Isa Simell if you're interested.


Art Fors
08-11-06, 16:22
Hello June,

I found Matt's family in the 1920 US Federal Census living in Salt Lake City, Utah. His wife Jennie was listed as widowed. See details below.

1920 United States Federal Census > Utah > Salt Lake > Salt Lake City Ward 3 > District 133

Name: James Gustavson (Jennie Gustavson)
Home in 1920: Salt Lake City Ward 3, Salt Lake, Utah
Age: 39 years
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1881 [abt 1883]
Birthplace: Utah
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Denmark
Mother's Birth Place: Sweden
Marital Status: Widow
Race: White
Sex: Female
Home owned: Rent
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Occupation: Dishwasher in restaurant
Household Members: Name/Age/Relation
James (Jennie) Gustavson 39 Head
May (Roy) Gustavson 16 Son
Carl Gustavson 13 Son
Violet Gustavson 3-4/12 Daughter


Art Fors
08-11-06, 17:18
Hello June,

1930 United States Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > Los Angeles (Districts 1-250) > District 158

Name: Jennie Gustafson
Home in 1930: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Age: 46
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1884
Relation to Head of House: Mother
Occupation: None
Father's birthplace: Sweden
Mother's birthplace: Sweden
Marital Status: Widow
Household Members: Name/Age/Relationship
Theodore R (Roy) Gustafson 24 Head
Jennie Gustafson 46 Mother
Carl M Gustafson 23 Brother
Violet E Gustafson 13 Sister
Ruby E Gustafson 5 Sister


June Pelo
08-11-06, 20:17

Thanks for all the data. I haven't been home much this week so I'm slowly getting caught up on mail. I have some data about descendants of Matts and Ida Semell but it would be nice to see if there is data that I'm lacking.